High performance X-ray inspection solution

Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo

Premium nanofocus and microfocus inspection for electronics

The Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo provide high-resolution 2D X-ray technology, PlanarCT and 3D computed tomography (CT) scanning in one system. 

With innovative engineering coupled with ultra-high positioning accuracy, Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo are ideally suited for industrial X-ray electronics inspections in process and quality control for greater productivity, failure analysis for the increased safety and quality of your products, and R&D where innovations are born. Both enableautomated X-ray inspection (AXI) of electronic components - such as semiconductors, PCBs, electronic assemblies, sensors and lithium-ion batteries - in industrial, automotive, aviation and consumer electronics industries. 

Non-destructive electronics inspection starts here

Innovative and unique features and an extremeCT high positioning accuracy make both the phoenix MicromeIx 160 and 180 neo and the NanomeIx 180 neo the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D offline inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control.   

The Phoenix|x-ray X|act inspection software offers easy to program CAD based µAXI ensuring automated inspection in the micrometer range. Another unique benefit is Waygate Technologies rich options of flat panel detectors, from highly dynamic DXR 250RT with active cooling to large size DXR S100 Pro with brilliant resolution. There's always a perfect matching image chain serving your particular application.




  • Brilliant live inspection images due to high dynamic Waygate Technologies' DXR digital detector array
  • Unique high power 180 kV / 20 W micro- or nanofocus tube for even high absorbing electronic samples
  • Minimized setup time due to highly efficient automated CAD programming
  • Live overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views
  • Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability
Unique Features

  • Superior pixel resolution (85/100µm) new detectors more competent to semiconductors and tiny electronics components inspection
  • Ease of use: inspection report to be automatically generated after inspection
  • X|act package for CAD based µAXI programming and automatic inspection
  • Diamond|window for up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level
  • Optionally 3D CT scans within 10 seconds Shadow|target to prevent sensitive devices from radiation damage by reducing unnecessary dose
  • Optical and X-ray navigation map for fast positioning and easy programming
  • Proprietary OVHM technology enables synchronised motion and ergonomic set up for easy view configuration
  • Flash!Electronics™, Waygate Technolgies' best ever image processing technology specially optimized for Electronics inspection
  • Dose|manager combined with Shadow|target to prevent sensitive devices from radiation damage by reducing unnecessary dose

  • Battery inspection
  • Quality assembly like BGA, Wire sweep, PTH, or QFN/QFP
  • Other components like IGBT or SMD
  • Quality assembly
  • SMT
  • Sensors
  • Control modules
Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo - Key Features
Brilliant DXR-HD live imaging

Waygate Technologies´ exclusive brilliant DXR-HD detector fleet :

  • The newest large-size DXR S100 Pro detector - superior pixel resolution defining industry-leading imaging technology
    • Superior 100 um pixel resolution combining outstanding detectability with high efficiency
    • 300 mm x 250 mm large active area significantly expands the vision and redefines inspection efficiency
    • Suitable for a wide range of X-ray energies and customer applications
  • Exclusive high dynamic DXR250RT detector - enhanced scintillator technology introduces a new industry standard for efficient live inspection:
    • 30 fps at full resolution offers low noise coupled with brilliant image quality ensuring fast and detailed live inspection
    • Active temperature stabilization for precise and reliable inspection results
    • Extremely fast data acquisition in 3D CT mode
Flash!Filters BGA inspection
High output with high-resolution: Diamond|window

Compared to conventional beryllium targets, the Diamond|window allows higher power at a smaller focal spot. This ensures high-resolution
even at high output.

  • Up to 2 times faster CT data acquisition at the same high image quality level
  • High output with high-resolution
  • Non-toxic target
  • Improved focal spot position stability within long term measurements
  • Increased target lifetime due to less degradation with higher power density
Phoenix VTX S Diamond Window
High-resolution 3D computed tomography

For advanced inspection and 3D analysis of smaller samples, Phoenix|x-ray’s proprietary 3D CT technology is optionally available.

  • 180 kV / 20 W high power X-ray technology, fast image acquisition with DXR detector and Diamond|window combined with Phoenix|x-ray’s fast reconstruction software deliver high-quality inspection results
  • Maximum voxel resolution down to 2 microns; the nanoCT® capability of the Nanome|x allows higher image sharpness
  • The mechanical precision of the CT rotation units are optimized for highest resolution CT applications
nanoCT TSV void analysis
X|act – CAD based inspection: FLASH!™

High-resolution μAXI for extremely high defect coverage

As a solution for μAXI with extremely high defect coverage, phoenix|x-ray provides its high precision systems MicromeIx Neo and NanomeIx Neo including the unique X|act software package for fast and easy offline CAD programming.

Its intuitive new GUI with improved outstanding precision and repeatability, small views with resolutions of only a few micrometers, 360° rotation, and oblique viewing up to 70° ensures meeting the highest quality standards – even for inspection of components with a pitch of just 100 microns.

Besides automated inspection, X|act ensures an easy pad identification by its live CAD data overlay function even in manual inspection while FLASH!™ image optimization ensures high defect coverage.

phoenix x|act 2d x-ray software, inspection, ndt, ndt software, electronics inspection
Efficient CAD programming

X|act provides not only a minimal setup time compared to conventional view based AXI – once programmed, the inspection program is portable to all X|act compatible systems. The result is fast and easy programming: just assign the inspection strategies and let X|act generate the automated inspection program

  • Easy pad-based offline programming
  • Specific inspection strategies for different pad types
  • Fully automated inspection program generation
  • Extremely high positioning accuracy even at oblique viewing and rotation
  • Easy pad identification in manual X-ray inspection
  • High reproducibility on large PCBs
Nanome|x Operator
Virtual board slicing with Planar|CT

Planar|CT slice or multislice views allow exact inspection results of a single plane or a whole package

  • Easy 2D slice or 3D volume evaluation of large complex boards
  • No board cutting, no overlaying structures as in X-ray images
  • New designed workflow, minimize the scan preparation and human interaction with no loss of image quality.
  • User friendly, less product knowledge required to complete a planar CT inspection
Cutting-edge detail detectability, speed, and image quality
  • Brilliant live inspection images with high dynamic Waygate Technologies DXR digital detector array
  • Large 27” monitor and ultra-high defect coverage and repeatability
  • Detail detectability at 0.5 µm or 0.2 µm with nanofocus
  • Live overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views
  • High power 180 kV / 20 W microfocus or nanofocus tube for high absorbing electronic samples
BGA ball Flash optimized
Navigation Map Orientation

Clear overview and fast positioning: 

  • Optical camera image or X-ray overview image for whole sample as navigation map
  • Fast manipulation by clicking on the map
  • Inspection program can be set based on the optical navigation map
  • Position on the map can be saved into test report generated by X|act
AXI Navigation Map
Smart Dose Management

Waygate Technologies´ proprietary Shadow|target inside the X-ray tube enables a reduction of unnecessary radiation dose of up to 60% compared to conventional x-ray tubes during a typical inspection. Combined in a low-dose bundle together with the brand new Dose|manager tool, it enables real-time dose monitoring and controlling

This solution protects radiation sensitive inspected components from aging to worst case damage.

  • Shadow|target prevents frequent generator start & stop to reduce unwanted radiation
  • Fast and stable X-ray recovering. No delay of energy running up
  • Realtime visualization of projected dose through “dose map”  overlaid with Navigation map
  • Cumulated dose counting per inspection
  • Multi-position dose measurement well integrated into inspection program

In Dose|manager tool, rainbow coloring is visualizing the projected X-ray dose in real time


Efficient and transportable for in-field applications
  • Minimized setup time due to highly efficient automated CAD programming
  • Designed for portability with compact, state-of-the-art electronics
  • Intuitive GUI interface with fully automated inspection program generation
Options for optimization and 3D scanning
  • Optional Flash!Electronics™ image processing technology
  • Optional advanced failure analysis with high-resolution 3D micro- or nanoCT® or large board PlanarCT
  • Optional 3D CT scans up to 10 seconds
Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo
Learn all about the Phoenix Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo

Next-generation, high-resolution 2D X-ray technology and 3D computed tomography( CT) scanning

What type of tube does the Phoenix Micromex/Nanomex Neo use?

Microme|x Neo offers either a 160KV micro focus tube or a 180KV micro focus tube while Nanome|x Neo is equipped with a 180KV nano focus tube. The diamond window is installed as standard.

Detail detectability at 0.5 µm (Microme|x Neo) or 0.2 µm (Nanome|x Neo).

20W power on target for all tube fleet contributes to high inspection resolution and throughput.

Micro nanofocus X-ray tube scheme
What type of detector is used?

Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo offer various detectors with unique features fulfilling your particular application,

  • 75µm resolution DXR S85 detector of best performance-price ratio for small components and PCB/PCBA inspection
  • 200µm resolution DXR 250RT with active cooling of extremely high dynamic range and brilliant image quality ensuring fast and detailed live inspection
  • 100µm resolution large size DXR S100 Pro detector offering outstanding combination of detectability and productivity, perfectly fitting semiconductor and large sample inspection


What is the Max. Inspection Area and the Max. Sample size?

The Max. inspection area of our system is 460 mm x 360 mm (18” x 14”) with a rotation table, and 610 mm x 510 mm (24” x 20”) with an optional X-Y table (non-rotatable)

Max. sample size/weight is 680 mm x 635 mm (27” x 25”) / 10 kg (22 lbs.).

Can they both perform 3D inspection ?

Phoenix|x-ray’s proprietary 3D CT technology is optionally available on the Microme|x Neo and Nanome|x Neo for advanced inspection and 3D analysis of smaller samples. Max. geometric magnification could be 100x (CT) and Max. voxel resolution down to 2um, resolution depending on the sample size.

What manual manipulation on images is needed before evaluation?

You need nothing more than one click!

Combining 25+ years of experience and patents with next-generation technology, Waygate Technologies’s intelligent Flash!TM software automatically optimizes your digital radiographs quickly and consistently. The balanced presentation of different densities and materials lets you see all the subtle details in one single image, with no manual adjustments.

And now the newest version specially optimized for electronics, Flash! Electronics, is available!

Image manipulation
Will radiation damage my electronics samples?

Some radiation sensitive electronics such as memory and resistor will get damaged by certain dose. Therefore, the radiation dose needs to be strictly monitored and managed for reducing the quality (inspection) cost as much as possible. Waygate Technologies’ low dose management bundle is a comprehensive solution which combines Shadow|target and Dose|manager enabling dose control from both source end and receptor end.

Dose control is well integrated with inspection programming and fitting various applications.

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