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Reliable probes for any application

Waygate Technologies’ ultrasonic probes and transducers are trusted for a wide variety of ultrasonic testing tasks such as flaw detection, thickness gauging, weld and bond testing, and more. Our portable, easy-to-use transducers make inspections simpler than ever. Including contact, phased array, immersion and special application transducers for use in industries like aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and transportation. 

Boosting efficiency

Our transducers make inspections faster and simpler than ever without compromising accuracy. They help reduce downtime, and they’re built tough to perform today, and tomorrow.

Improving asset reliability

Whether for flaw detection, thickness gauging, or weld and bond testing, our probes and transducers detect more flaws to help you improve asset reliability and cut maintenance costs with more precise, more efficient inspections.

Discover Our Products

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Ultrasonic Contact Transducers

Multiple straight beam single element, straight beam dual element, and angle beam options. Each one is built to last, easy to use, and highly accurate — for better results, every time. 

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Immersion Probes

The ideal choice for scanning parts with irregular geometries — most often used in mechanized or automated testing using water. The best method for consistent coupling and achieving reliable, reproducible results. 

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Phased Array Probes

A wide variety of reliable phased array probes and transducers for many applications. Eliminate the need for multiple inspections, and reduce setup and scan times.

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Thickness Transducers

Precise, easy to use, transducers for a variety of wall thickness measurements on different materials found on the production line and in the field, including components subject to wear and precision parts of all kinds.


Special Application Probes

A wide range of options for less common ultrasonic inspections — from roller wheel transducers to high temperature probes to custom devices designed especially for you.

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