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InspectionWorks is an agnostic software platform that combines data from multiple non-destructive testing (NDT) tools, connects the entire inspection history of your asset and enables you to add inspection insights to a digital twin throughout its lifecycle. This turns your data into a tool for faster and better decisions, ultimately saving costs and enabling a more competitive product.

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NDT Tools to Aquire


Acquire, store and catalogue data with every inspection and integrate existing data from archives or other platforms to get a comprehensive picture of your asset.

NDT Tools to Analyze


Analyze inspection data with AI-based tools like assisted/automatic defect recognition and categorization.

NDT Tools to Act


Act on insights to optimize processes, predict failures, and improve product design.

The InspectionWorks (IW) Ecosystem
IW Insight – comprehensive inspection history

InspectionWorks Insight is the data management solution within the IW ecosystem. It allows you to connect results from multiple inspections and sources to your asset model, creating a comprehensive picture and complete inspection history.  

  • Connect all inspection data from your asset in one central software platform.
  • Consistently manage and curate your data in one location. 
  • Develop guided inspection workflows. 
  • Create customized and automatic reports.
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IW Analyze – automatic detection and reporting

IW Analyze helps you identify defects automatically, with algorithms that display faults in an inspected part with the push of a button. IW Analyze even automatically reports results on inspected parts within the production line. 

  • Detect defects faster and more reliably with the AI and DL based IW Analyze software, thereby reducing scrap.
  • Boost productivity by performing more inspections per hour and increasing the capacity of your team. 
  • Connect your data in the IW Insight cloud to further advance the detection algorithms and make better predictions about your product.
IW Archive – secure long-term storage

IW Archive provides central, secure, well-catalogued, long-term storage for your data. Revisit results from years ago with just a part number.

  • Store inspection data and results across the entire lifecycle of your asset.
  • Import asset data from external sources like suppliers to store all data in one place.
  • Safely store up to 2 billion images and data files, creating back-ups on a regular basis.
  • Compatible with all industry standards.
IW Store – remote recalibration and customized workflows

IW Store provides device services that save significant time by allowing remote recalibration and updates, along with the development and distribution of customized workflows. 

  • Reduce downtime by recalibrating your device and getting the latest software and application updates remotely through the IW public store.
  • Standardize and streamline by designing customized inspection algorithms and workflows in IW. Then distribute them to your fleet of devices securely through the private store or share them publicly.
  • Access the store here.
IW Care - optimize industrial inspection assets everywhere

IW Care lets you track your devices regularly to improve your fleet management by better anticipating downtimes for maintenance and updates.

  • Plan maintenance times with precision by detecting needs early and coordinating schedules with other devices in the fleet.
  • Optimize performance with faster updates.
  • Increase uptime by streamlining maintenance.
InspectionWorks Care

Industrial Asset Management (IAM)

InspectionWorks is part of Baker Hughes Industrial Asset Management (IAM).

Our IAM software solutions optimize the performance of industrial assets and processes for energy and industrial customers – delivering flexible and connected digital solutions for industrial machines, equipment, and systems.

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