InspectionWorks Analyze

Defect recognition software that is tailored to your needs

The AI-based software solution that helps you display faults and identify defects at the push of a button – so you can make better decisions, faster.

  • Detect defects faster and more reliably
  • Increase the number of inspections and free up team capacity
  • Allow algorithms to learn over time, so predictions become better

Assisted and Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) starts here

InspectionWorks Analyze is cutting edge software with algorithms that display faults in inspected assets with - or even without - the push of a button, helping inspectors identify defects faster and better than ever before. The next generation ADR tool leverages modern deep learning algorithms to achieve faster, more reliable, accurate, consistent results. It thereby helps you perform more inspections per hour, thus increasing the capacity of your team and boosting your productivity while reducing scrap and ensuring inspection reliability and product safety

Based on 30 years of ADR experience within Waygate Technologies, IW Analyze complements the diverse Waygate Technologies portfolio of ADR algorithms utilizing AI for X-ray and CT scans of castings and batteries, borescope-based inspections, and more.



Harness the power of AI

  • Reduce up to 90% of escapes. Reduce human factors and increase consistency. Say goodbye to fatigue, distractions, complacency and bias.
  • Up to 50% reduction in inspection cost. Drive cost avoidance through risk reduction and optimal use of resources.
  • From minutes to milliseconds. Deliver rapid decisions in a fraction of time.
  • Reduce resource constraints. Evaluate anywhere, anytime, and free up your trained experts for when it really matters.

Automatically analyze your data one image at a time, or as a batch process on hundreds or thousands of datasets at once.

  • IW Analyze lets you see findings visually within the images, and through a table alongside the image.
  • Provide feedback and earmark findings for future improvements of ADR models
  • IW Analyze is cloud-based, so no need to install any software
  • Get results within milliseconds per image!
  • Just upload or select your data, pick an ADR model that meets your needs, and automatically assess the data for nonconformities
  • Easily share data and findings with colleagues through our shared tenant approach

Customized for every application

  • Battery inspection: overhang analysis, mid-tab, and inclusions.
  • Visual ADR (MViQ 3.60+): Aviation (Aiir Lite Blade, Aiir Lite Combustor), Power Generation (LM2500 assist-S), and Blade Counter (live analytics).
  • XE² for electronics X-ray: programmable for 2D X-ray applications, including PCB and older ball inspections.
  • 3D Speed|ADR (Speed|scan CT64): casting defect detection and classification, composite delaminations, wall thickness, and actual-nominal comparison
  • Casting (X-ray): General casting defect detection and classification
  • Unique customer solutions: visual weld assessment, electronics, oxidation and coating losses, cracks, moldings, pipe corrosion, and more.
InspectionWorks Analyze boosts speed and safety

InspectionWorks Analyze takes AI and DL based inspection to the next level. InspectionWorks Analyze lets you automatically report results on inspected parts within the production line. It facilitates storing algorithms and NDT data in the cloud as well as on the hardware, allowing faster decisions and the continuous improvement of the deployed algorithms.

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Customized for every application

The software experts at Waygate Technologies can customize pre-trained InspectionWorks Analyze algorithms to the specific needs, data source, and application of every customer the pre-trained InspectionWorks Analyze algorithms to the specific needs of every customer and application – regardless of the manufacturer of the used inspection hardware. With just a limited data set provided by the customer, Waygate Technologies can define the relevant defects and set the initial deflection threshold.

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Choose between two attractive models

The data can also be used retrospectively, as everything is stored safely in the cloud. Automated, reanalysis of historical data may be especially attractive when combined with customized or updated ADR models, in order to control asset failure in the field and recalls. While the standard InspectionWorks Analyze solution is trainable and can be optimized using customers’ data, InspectionWorks Analyze Lite is fixed and makes decisions based on an ADR model. It can only be trained by Waygate Technologies representatives.

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Product-related FAQs
How good is ADR?

Assisted Defect Recognition is designed to replicate performance of certified inspectors. Our detection models are trained on input from multiple experts, thus creating performance on par with these experts.

Will ADR replace human inspectors?

IW Analyze provides a tool to improve inspection data evaluation. It is designed to assist the human experts with their task, which is why it is called Assisted Defect Recognition. The responsibility of dispositioning remains with the customer.

Does IW Analyze improve over time?

IW Analyze Lite lets you process data one or multiple images at a time using a pretrained ADR model. Any potential defects are displayed, and the user can provide feedback. Defects can be accepted or rejected, in which case they are marked for later review. The full version of IW Analyze lets the user review and reannotate those marked dataset, at which time corrections on defect class, shape, etc. is used to retrain or fine-tune a model. This full version of IW Analyze is a trainable platform, whereas IW Analyze Lite is an inferencing-only platform.

Do I need to purchase a new version of IW Analyze if I want to run another ADR model alongside one I already purchased?

ADR models are leased independently from the platform. You can have one subscription and multiple models without being charged more than once for the platform.

Can I run my ADR model in IW Insight?

Yes, you can. ADR models can be executed in IW Insight as well as IW Analyze.

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