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Optimize Industrial Inspection Assets Everywhere 

Companies who employ non-destructible testing (NDT) machines and process to ensure quality and reliability of products they build and managed have significant investments in capital equipment. As the equipment is deployed and used, it tends to degrade over-timer and require maintenance.

In order to get the most of such assets, proper work procedures and maintenance can improve the performance and longevity. To fully get the most of NDT assets, data science can help operators, managers, and support people understand assets status and plan accordingly. 

Industrial asset monitoring starts here

InspectionWorks Care is a vendor-independent industrial asset monitoring solution that provides a comprehensive overview of the health status and condition of the components of field and factory systems such as radiography, ultrasonic, visual, and other inspection means.  It provides near-real time executive to granularly views of status indicators representing machines and its environment. The software provides alerting functionality that helps operators and others predict future states of the machines. 

InspectionWorks Care helps you track machine and device performance regularly to proactively spot and avoid issues and failures.  It enables higher uptime and less unplanned downtime with streamlined maintenance planning, drive operational efficiency, quality, and predictability, and lowers total cost of ownership for your NDT assets. It is available through various delivery means and as part of different support packages. 



Providing a comprehensive overview of the health status and condition of the components of factory and field systems

  • Enable higher uptime and less unplanned downtime
  • Drive operational efficiency, quality, and predictability
  • Plan preventive maintenance and other activities with precision
  • Improve system performance and lifetime
  • Better anticipate on downtimes
  • Proactively replace components
  • Lower Cost of Ownership due to increased uptime

InspectionWorks Care Dashboard and Performance Report work multimodally with a range of industrial asset management and smart factory KPIs

  • InspectionWorks Care Dashboards is a high-level portal page that delivers insights into all the NDT systems in your fleet.
  • InspectionWorks Care Performance Reports deliver all relevant information on the system’s condition including a comprehensive executive summary.

InspectionWorks Care helps track the health of the NDT fleet, effectively manage system maintenance and avoid unnecessary downtime.

  • System messages: Monitors any occurrence of severe system message triggered by severe events.
  • Tube health: Monitors tube parameters such as warmup parameters, vacuum pressures, and X-ray timeout events.
  • Filament: Monitors filament emission points values and filament failure date.
  • Centering: Monitors the range of the X and Y centering values.
  • Detector health: Monitors detector parameters such as SNR, CNR, CDF, etc.
InspectionWorks Care Dashboard

InspectionWorks Care can be delivered as a cloud dashboard for anyone in the organization to consume. With the cloud-based Dashboard, users have access to high-level portal information on their X-ray or other industrial testing gear including detector and device health status. Users can also drill down to detailed KPIs. Trends can help determine optimal management of machines and other measurement. In the of Computed Tomography (CT), a hig- level portal page for all of your machine depicts tube, filament, centering, and detector business level indicators from green to red. Detailed detector info such as Signal, SNR,CNR, and bad pixels info as well as more specific tube data can also be found with the dashboards.  

InspectionWorks Care Feature 1
InspectionWorks Care Performance Reports

InspectionWorks Care can also be delivered as Performance Reports. The Performance Reports consists of a routinely sent multi-page performance reports covering executive and detailed information on the status of industrial machines and environments. These reports are also coupled with routine 30-minute touchpoint with a Waygate Technologies consulting expert who analyzes the current status and recent trends facing your factory machinery.  

The monthly InspectionWorks Care Performance Report outlines the following categories: system messages, equipment performance statistics, maintenance procedural notes, and environmental status. 

InspectionWorks Care Feature 2
From Data Points to Analysis and Actions

IW Care takes snap shots of data from industrial machines in near real-time or according to one’s preferences. Using Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) data science principles and techniques, the software turns disperse data into information easily consumed by operators and managers.  

The software pulls from a growing list of KPIs which are constantly monitored. These include 

  • General Tube Conditions: Total x-Ray On Time, Total Tube Operating Time,  Tube Operating Time, X-Ray On Time, System Message Events 
  • Warm-Up Events: Number of Breakdown Events, Warmup Offset Current, Warmup Voltage, Warmup Arc Events 
  • Operating Parameters: X-Ray Timeouts, Arching Events During Operation, Vacuum Pressure Over Time Plot, Centering X and Y values, Filament Emission Point, Filament Failure 
  • Detector Parameters: Detector KPIs including bad pixel count, bad pixel lines, bad relevant clusters, signal level, signal to noise ratio (SNR), offset level, electrical noise, MTF, CDF, contrast to noise ratio (CNR) 

The software then parses this data, forming graphs with trending lines and reference points to help managers and engineers understand the healthier of their industrial assets. By using the solution, good asset planning is not only possible but greatly simplified. 

InspectionWorks Care Feature 3
Secure, multi-modality and multi-vendor asset management

InspectionWorks Care is a secure software solution that embraces technology from leading open source partners and third-party suppliers.  The solution leverage security protocols and best practice workflows. 

The software is multi-modal working with a range of industrial asset management and smart factory KPIs. It manages X-ray, Computed topology, ultrasonic, and other domains.  It will be ready to hand smart factory features via wireless feeds. IT supports a variety of machine and factory systems including but not limited to X-ray open and closed tubes, DDA detectors, and servers and other infrastructure components. With InspectionWorks Care, uses can digest, analyses and transform manufacturing data into knowledge that can be acted upon. This action-oriented knowledge foster automation. 

InspectionWorks Care Feature 4
Product-related FAQs
What is the IW Care Basic Dashboard?

The IW Care Dashboard will provide a detailed overview of the health status and condition of various components of the CT system(s). For now this means open tube- and detector health monitoring.  

What is the IW Care Performance Report?

The IW Care Performance Report is an asset management solution leveraged by IW Care software and consulting by Service Experts. This solution offers operational status and system health monitoring of the open tube and detector (at the moment). It includes (bi)monthly touchpoints with Service Experts to review the system(s) performance, analysis of the data and learn best operational practices.  

These touchpoints are bi-monthly or monthly: 

  • Monthly: if bought as a standalone option or when included in a Premium SSA. 

  • Bi-monthly: in case when combined with a preventive maintenance contract, Essential SSA or Advanced SSA.  

What health statuses are monitored?

For now, the IW Care Dashboard and Performance Report is available for the v|tome|x series with open tube configuration and it evaluates the open tubes and detector’s health. 

Open Tube Health Monitoring:
General tube condition
Warm-up events
Operating parameters
Total X-ray on time
Number of breakdown events
X-ray timeouts
Total tube operating time
Warmup offset current
Archiving events during operation
Weekly tube operating time
Warmup voltage
Vacuum pressure over time plot
Weekly X-ray on time
Warmup arc events
Centering X and Y values
Tube health
Filament emission point
System messages events
Filament failure
System alters

In the future, more data anaylsis will be available like closed tubes and generators.

Detector Health Monitoring:
Signal-to-noise ratio (before and after voxel size calibration)
Contrast-to-noise ratio
Sphere distance error
Gain offset
Bad pixel maps
Modular transfer function
ASTM E1695/20
Contrast discrimination function
ASTM E1695/20

In summary, IW Care outlines the following categories:   

  1. System Messages: Monitors any occurrence of severe system message events. ​ Tube Health: Monitors tube parameters such as warmup parameters, vacuum pressures, and x-ray timeout events. ​ 

  2. Filament: Monitors filament emission points values and filament failure date. ​ 

  3. Centering: Monitors the range of the X and Y centering values. ​ 

  1. Detector Health: monitors detector parameters such as SNR, CNR, CDF, etc. 

What is required system configuration to get full benefit of current Care Dashboard and Care Performance Report?

The system requirements for InspectionWorks Care are minimal. All types of IXS Systems including those in V|tome|x series can be equipped with InspectionWorks Care if they are equipped with open tubes, common detectors (Dynamic 41 100, Dynamic 41 200 or DXR 250 RT) and meets the following requirements  

  • Datos|x software version 2.10.1 

  • Gain/Offset Tool

  • Image Quality Tools

    • Burn-In check 

    • MTF 

    • ASTM-bad pixel 

    • Click & Measure Pack 

  • Calibration Sphere (for MTF)

  • Log Agent

The above requirements are needed in order to gather data on the detector and derive the performance metrics as mentioned above. The OPCUA connector and the Gain & Offset tool is part of the InspectionWorks Care package.

The Image Quality Tools allow in-depth performance control to ensure high image quality based on ASTM standards. Each tool can be used separately based on the application requirement.  

Does InspectionWorks Care need to be connected to the internet?

No, we offer an online version and an offline version.

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