XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscopes
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Portable, durable, intuitive, and lightweight.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available and being replaced by the all new Everest Mentor Flex VideoProbe™. Learn more here.

Boasting superior image quality coupled with intuitive software, the XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscopes combine portability with durability on a system lightweight enough to prevent user fatigue, rugged enough to stand up to the harshest inspection environments, and designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications - all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

The most versatile video borescope available, its all-way probe articulation and high-output illumination can shed light into the darkest cavities and corners with full-VGA resolution and an 85% larger LCD screen for the sharpest, clearest images that will result in sharper, clearer insights.

Perform confident asset inspections with the reliability of a 4-hour battery life and a user-friendly, ergonomic design that will allow you to use it for four hours without fatigue. Featuring Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive software program that guides inspectors through the inspection process, the XL Flex and XL Flex+ VideoProbe systems are more than equipped to boost the probability of detection (POD), lower operational costs, and increase ROI.

The XL Flex and Flex+ videoscope family is a proven solution for remote visual inspection in the following industries: AerospaceOil and GasPower GenerationAutomotive, Food & Beverage, Wind, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

We used to be GE Inspection Technologies, now we’re Waygate Technologies, a global leader in NDT solutions with more than 125 years of experience in ensuring quality, safety and productivity.

hand held video borescope videoscopes being used in aerospace inspection
BROCHURE: Videoscopes Overview

Find the right tool for your specific, remote visual inspection needs with an overview of the borescope inspection videoscopes we offer.

XLFlex videoscope inspecting wind turbine
VIDEO: Introducing the XL Flex and XL Flex+

Get familiar with all the features of our most capable videoscopes to date

XL Flex and XL Flex+ Videoscope Features
Superior Image Quality

Complete your critical inspections with superior image quality thanks to full-VGA resolution for image/video capture and the most powerful LED illumination in its class. And to make the most of these enhanced imaging capabilities, both feature a display that is 85% larger and 3X brighter (3.7” and 5” options) so you can not only see clearer, you can see more. Advanced optics and powerful light output mean less eyestrain during long videoscope inspections and more accurate images. Because when you can see clearly, you increase the probability of detection, speed up borescope inspection workflow and deliver results with confidence.

Xl Flex Image Quality video borescope inspection industrial videoscopes
Military-Grade Ruggedness

Constructed to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace, the XL Flex and XL Flex+ videoscopes strategically incorporate shock-absorbing materials and seals to resist impact damage and prevent intrusion from dust and water. The inspection camera probe even operates up to 100°C to gain access faster in high-temperature applications where cooling is needed. Designed to meet MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461G, and IP65 (IP55 for XL Flex) standards, our XL family of videoscopes ensure top performance with military-grade durability you can trust, even in the harshest environmental conditions such as:

  • Drops as far as 4ft. (1.2m)
  • Blowing and Freezing Rain
  • Vibration
  • High Humidity, Dust, and Salt Fog
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Explosive Atmospheres
Xl Flex Redefined Ruggedness industrial videoscopes
Automated Inspection Reporting with MDI 2.0

We’ve equipped the XL Flex and XL Flex+ videoscopes with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive application that guides users step by step through the inspection process, from intelligently tagging images and videos with rich metadata to organizing and auto-generating reports. With 16 GB of internal memory (4 GB on the XL Flex), two USB 2.0 ports, and a VGA output, there are multiple options for storing still images, recorded videos, and up to 15 MDI 2.0 templates. Save time, improve quality, and streamline the decision-making process at every level.

Xl Flex Menu Directed Inspection remote visual inspection industrial videoscopes

See For Yourself

Contact us to schedule your own on-site or virtual demo to understand the full capabilities of the XL Flex and XL Flex+ and how they can increase your POD.

What’s the difference between the XL Flex and the XL Flex+?

Both the XL Flex and XL Flex+ feature stereo measurement, Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0), and standard probe tip options (4.0 mm, 6.1 mm and 8.4 mm). 

The main differences between the XL Flex and XL Flex+ occur between the display size (3.7 in. and 5 in., respectively), the internal flash memory (4GB and 16GB, respectively) and the IP rating (IP55 and IP65, respectively).

What’s the difference between the XL Flex and the XL Detect?

The XL Flex includes stereo measurement technology for in-depth evaluation and runs on MDI 2.0, whereas the XL Detect runs on MDI 1.1. The XL Flex and XL Flex+ have 4GB and 16GB of internal flash memory, respectively, compared to 1GB and 4GB for the XL Detect. Finally, while both come with a carry-on case, the XL Flex’s carry-on case is wheeled.

Can I measure indications with the XL Flex and XL Flex+?

Yes, both products offer stereo and comparison measurement to perform accurate reliable measurements of indications. More information on specs can be found here.

How much does the system weigh?

The XL Flex weighs 1.73 kg (3.8 lbs.) as a standalone and 6.50 kg (14.30 lbs.) in the case. The XL Flex+ weighs 1.98 kg (4.37 lbs.) as a standalone and 8.39 kg (18.5 lbs.) in the case. More information on the specs can be found here.

How large is the LCD monitor?

The XL Flex features an integrated transflective 9.40 cm (3.70 in.) active matrix VGA color LCD , 640 x 480 resolution. The XL Flex+ features an integrated 12.7 cm (5.0 in.) active matrix VGA color LCD with transmissive display. More information on the specs can be found here

Can the system store still images and videos?

The XL Flex can hold 4 GB of Flash memory and the XL Flex+ can hold 16 GB of Flash memory. More information on the specs can be found here.

Is the system waterproof?

Yes, both the XL Flex and XL Flex+ are waterproof. Assuming normal 14.7 psi air pressure, the system can operate at a depth of 1 bar (10.2 m / 33.5 ft.) of H2O. More information on the specs can be found here.

How big is the case?

Both the XL Flex and XL Flex+ come with a wheeled carry-on case for easy transport, which includes an integrated insertion tube storage reel, optical tip adapter case and battery charger/AC adapter. The case is 54.9 x 34.6 x 23.6 cm (21.61 x 13.62 x 29 in.)

What do I do if my RVI equipment malfunctions?

Well, you can add some FLEX to your XL Flex or XL Flex+. It’s an easy, flexible, all-inclusive subscription service that enables you to buy guaranteed RVI equipment uptime instead of owning and maintaining the actual equipment. With top-of-the-line equipment from Waygate Technologies, your team will have what they need when and where they need it. You can learn more about this service here.

I misplaced the operating manual. Where can I find a copy?

No problem. You can find everything you need right here.

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