Phoenix V|tome|x C - 3D CT Scanner
Phoenix V|tome|x C450 CT Scanner
Achieving safe, profitable production via high-throughput 3D Metrology Scanning

Our Phoenix V|tome|x C 3D CT scanner solution offers a compact 450 kV CT system with the largest possible scan volume and usable specimen weight especially for production and production-related areas such as production lines and quality assurance laboratories in battery manufacturing, in foundries and in aerospace - a flexible combination of semi-automated, non-destructive testing and 3D metrology.

CT-Scanning für Messtechnik, zerstörungsfreie Prüfungen und Qualitätssicherung mit hohem Durchsatz:

  • Inspected volume up to Ø 500 mm x 1000 mm
  • Granite based manipulator for parts up to 100 kg
  • Max. detail detectability is ≥ 100 µm
  • CT performance specified referring to ASTM E 1695 guideline
  • Metrology|edition is the only system with a clearly defined metrology specification in its class SD ≤ (15 ± L/50 mm) µm (VDI/VDE 2630-1.3)
  • Also available as Production|edition capable to be fed by robots for complete automated inspectionUnique detector technology for 2-3x increased CT inspection speed with high resolution 16” large DDA 100/200 µm and LDA 820 mm and 400 µm pixel pitch for best image quality, highest defect recognition and inspection speed and throughput (larger detector, smaller pixel pitch, temperature controlled, also as combination between DDA and LDA, or with virtual detector enlargement or Scatter|correct technology)
  • Scatter|correct technology for unprecedented low artifact precision up to 100 times faster than with a comparable quality fan beam CT
  • Exclusive Flash!Filter
  • Optional Automated Defect Recognition

The Phoenix V|tome|x C is the first industrial minifocus CT scanner with Waygate Technologies proprietary breakthrough Scatter|correct technology option allowing users to gain a low scatter artifact CT quality level never before reached with conventional industrial flat-panel cone-beam CT. Waygate Technologies' new scatter|correct technology automatically removes most scatter artifacts from the CT volume. This technological advancement provides image quality similar to that achieved with conventional fan-beam scanning but at speeds up to 100 times faster.

The Phoenix V|tome|x C comes standard with our exclusive 4 MP dynamic 41|200 next-generation photodiode design industrial X-ray detector. It provides 10x increased sensitivity relative to the state of the art 200 µm pixel size DXR detectors producing 2-3x cycle time increase without image quality impact, making inspections and measurements more efficient and productive. Compared to 16-bit detectors, the optimized 14-bit technology offers the highest efficiency with a dynamic range of10000:1 and thus saves time in use and also generates less noise in the image. As a premium option, the 100 µm / 16 MP dynamic 41|100 detector provides a 2x resolution increase without cycle time impact. Detection of 2x smaller defects without an increase of geometric magnification allows for the imaging of large objects at a higher resolution.

The low maintenance and production-oriented design features like easy loading tools, barcode reader, etc., as well as the new one-button|CT automation functionality make the Phoenix V|tome|xa very efficient tool for high-throughput industrial quality assurance where the highest levels of safety, uncompromising quality, and increased productivity are needed.

The Quick|pick manipulator of the high-speed configuration HS even allows fully automated CT evaluation of large batches, e.g. to scan up to 25 turbine blades without any operator action within approx. 2 hrs. The system offers industry-leading sample size, flexibility, and maximum penetration power for high absorbing samples at 450 kV.

In the Metrology|edition, the system guarantees a measurement accuracy of SD ≤ (15 ± L/50 mm) µm according to VDI/VDE 2630-1.3 for reliable revalidation of the system performance and reproducible measurement applications.

The Ruby|plate 240 calibration phantom and the compensation of thermal drift effects based on the use of temperature sensors enable automated measurement sequences and precision to a new level of performance for even larger parts.

This enables the improved VDI 2630 compliant accuracy specification and three times faster performance verification of multiple positions - reliably and reproducibly:

  • Nominal-actual CAD comparison
  • Dimensional measurements / wall thickness analysis
  • Reverse Engineering / Tool Compensation

GE's digital X-ray detector for industrial radiography inspections
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Phoenix V|tome|x C Videos

Redefining Automation for Industrial Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) Applications
Waygate Technologies | Premium CT
Metrology by CT | Webinar

Industrial environments consist of multiple processes that must interact with humans and automation. Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) is a crucial component to the overall success of many of the industrial inspection routines. Along with Mobile Machine Tending (MMT) and collaborative robots, this allows for a much more productive environment to meet customer demand. A world-class example of pushing the limits of lean manufacturing.

Discover even the most minute defects for total confidence in your product quality, without slowing processes down. Innovative PremiumCT systems from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, feature proprietary CT technologies for 3D metrology and analysis including industry-leading magnification (300 kV, in fact). Giving you the highest image quality at faster speeds than ever before possible.

This webinar gives an introduction to the basics of metrology by CT and discusses the major factors that influence metrological performance. We also present the technical solutions that are necessary to make CT measurements accurate and precise.

What software is available for the V|tome|x C?

Phoenix Datos|x 3D computed tomography acquisition and reconstruction software. Optional 3D evaluation softwarepackages available upon request for 3D metrology, failure analysis, and structural analysis with lowest scatter artifacts.

The Quick|pick manipulator of the high-speed configuration HS even allows fully automated CT evaluation of large batches, e.g. to scan up to 25 turbine blades without any operator action within approx. 2 hrs

What type of radiation safety does the V|tome|x C have?

The V|tome|x C employs a radiation safety cabinet for full protective installation without type approval according to German StrSchV/StrSchG and in compliance with French NFC 74 100 and US Performance Standard 21 CFR Subchapter J. For operation, other official licenses may be necessary.

What type of detector does the V|tome|x C use?

The V|tome|x C from Waygate technologies uses a temperature-stabilized Dynamic 41|200p+ large area detector with superior image and result quality, 410 x 410 mm (16” x 16”), 200 µm pixel size, 2036 x 2036 pixels (4 MP), extremely high dynamic range > 10000:1.  

Alternatively the Dynamic 41|100 with the same size and dynamic range but with 100 µm pixel size resulting in 16 MP can be used. 

If necessary optionally detectors a LDA detector package („fan”: 16 bit Linear Detector Array with 820 mm sensitive width, 2050 pixels, 400 µm pitch) is available also in combination with a Dynamic 41 detector.

What is the maximum part dimension and weight I can inspect?

Scans are possible up to a sample dimension of Ø 500 mm x 1000 mm (max. scan diameter ~500 mm) and 100 kg (for HS version: 270 x 310 mm / up to 10 kg rotation unit and  100 x 125 mm / up to 3 kg Quick|pick gripper), depending on the application.

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