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See the difference our FAST RVI, BIKE Platform, Robotic Crawler, and Drone can make.

Across every industry, both the safety and productivity of factories rely on inspection services to provide enhanced analysis of their current condition as well as material degradation. But with their intricate technology and large scale systems, plants often have areas that are either too dangerous, or even impossible for humans to inspect. In order to avoid operational failures and costly repairs, plant managers must thoroughly assess these inaccessible areas, such as piping, ventilation, tanks and vessels. At the forefront of this inspection challenge are robotic inspection services made specifically to enter, maneuver and endure confined spaces, extreme temperatures and even immersion into liquids.The ability to explore these complex features with robotic service tools has allowed inspectors to get the most in-depth visualization on the areas in which they could never see before.

No matter how limited the inspection area may be, Waygate Technologies has a wide range of advanced robotic services that are designed for specific situations. The magnetic wheels, advanced kinematics, and innovative locomotion features on the FAST RVI and BIKE Platform make them especially fit for exploring pipes, tanks and vessels. Using 3D navigation, our inspectors are able to maneuver the inspection system throughout the most complex features until it reaches an area of interest, all from a safe location. The device can then measure areas and take detailed pictures of the internal features with up to 36x optical zoom. For piping inspections of longer distance, the Robotic Crawler can inspect 160m beyond its entry point, and even endure the submersion of certain liquids. Additionally, the robotic inspection Drone, is often used in the energy industry to conduct low-risk inspections throughout vertical piping. With both a full HD and thermal camera, the Drone provides a high-resolution visualization of internal features directly to the operator up to 500m. These systems allow you to get a confident understanding of their materials degradation in order to mitigate the risk that's associated with them, and keep your plant running reliably.

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Visualization, Without Limitations

Look into the variety of advanced RVI devices designed for specific inspection applications. The advancement of RVI devices provides an entirely new perspective on ageing plants, while closing the gap on equipment failure by not only detecting flaws, but helping plant managers understand how to prevent them.

Introducing Waygate Technologies Robotics (WTR)

Robotics solutions for improved safety, productivity and data

With a service inspection team that consists of experienced NDT engineers for VT, UT, and ET, and access to labs with the latest technologies, we offer solutions for every inspection challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Robotic Services compatible with additional attachments?

Our Robotic Crawler model is compatible with different PTZ cameras that have a wide variety of different specifications, while our BIKE platform can connect to devices such as Ultrasonic Probes and Borescope holders for an even more extensive inspection.

What certifications do your team members have?

Each of our inspectors are at least level 2 Visual Testing certified.

What features are your systems capable of maneuvering in?

Our BIKE Platform allows you to maneuver through complex features such as stairs, 90 degree corners, and double-curved surfaces.

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