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  • Turbo-compressor package can be tested (full speed, partial load) at Baker Hughes factory before delivery
  • Engineered for high availability and reliability, and optimized maintenance plan
  • Various value-added services (conversions, modifications, upgrades, repairs) to improve maintainability and operating cost

  • Condensing and back-pressure units
  • Multiple extractions or injections; typical radial exhaust (downward, upward or lateral)
  • Turbo-compressor train is baseplate-mounted

  • Steam turbines driving any type of compressors and pumps (centrifugal, axial, overhung, reciprocating, boiler feed pump)
  • Oil and gas API: fertilizer, petrochemical, refinery, LNG/FLNG helper or main driver
  • Onshore and offshore installations




Baker Hughes steam turbines are a complete mechanical-drive solution for driving compressors in all kinds of process requirements across the oil and gas industry.





Power range


2-120 MW


Speed range




Inlet rating options




Controlled extraction


Up to 60 bar


Exhaust arrangement


Radial upward or downward




Single and double end drive


Low vacuum capabilities


Erosion protection control features



Best-in-class efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership

Our technologies deliver best unit efficiency coupled with high speed capability (power density) to drive compressors with minimized absorbed power and compact unit size. This provides the flexibility to meet the most stringent process requirements on total steam consumption required to run the units.


Advanced controls

Our steam turbine digital twin enables next-generation, condition-based performance optimization.  The advanced system continually records, analyzes, and visualizes data to enable on-line performance monitoring, control, and optimization. The model-based control algorithm is embedded in our new units, and can be applied to any existing installation.


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