• Identify gas-oil-water ratios and establish flow rates
  • Reduce toolstring length to log in difficult environments and prevent damage to logging tools
  • Ensure full cased hole analysis with full compatibility with the Baker Hughes cased hole portfolio

  • Horizontal or deviated wells
  • Wells where oil, water, and gas identification and flow measurements are critical



The AccuPhase™ horizontal production logging service from Baker Hughes gives you highly accurate measurements of multiphase flow and individual fluids—including oil, gas, and water.  

The AccuPhase service integrates microspinners to measure flow, optical sensors to identify gas and liquid, and resistance spinners to distinguish between hydrocarbons and water. This sensor array is placed around the circumference of your wellbore to measure production fluids and their corresponding flow rates to deliver a complete picture of your well’s production.

To avoid your traditional production logging challenges, the AccuPhase platform reduces toolstring length by as much as half, preventing damage to logging tools and minimizing the challenges of compromised data quality. The service accommodates a wide range or completion designs, from 4 in to 9 in diameters, and is compatible with all wireline tools in the cased hole portfolio.

With the in-depth understanding of oil-gas-water ratios and flow rates that the AccuPhase service provides, you get the data you need to efficiently manage the production from any of your wells.

Contact us to learn how the AccuPhase service can improve the accuracy of your wireline production measurements.

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