• Junior: two-month training in Florence for Customers' young talents
  • Senior: two-week course in Florence for Customers' mid and senior leaders
  • Localized: customized version of the program at Customer locations worldwide

  • Highly selected energy industry talents from Baker Hughes’ Customers
  • Talents with good English proficiency
  • Talents showing a positive approach toward life-long learning in a multicultural environment

  • 1,250+ industry professionals graduated so far
  • Representing over 150 Customers and 40 countries
  • Social media and face-to-face events organized around the world




Operating since 2005, Baker Hughes University has been a learning accelerator aimed at developing our Customers’ best talents through a unique and high-quality training experience in an inspirational, multicultural environment.

Our main goal is to develop energy-industry leaders, offering the opportunity to be part of a global multicultural network based on knowledge-sharing, to discuss and learn about trends, future scenarios, and technologies of the energy sector while developing leadership behaviors.

Baker Hughes University Florence Learning Center



Baker Hughes University is led by a President, Vice President, Director, Advisory Board, and Scientific Committee.

The Advisory Board, composed of Baker Hughes leaders, provides direction to influence and shape the University's strategy, and didactic guidance to the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee, composed of Baker Hughes experts, is responsible for defining training modules and learning methods, choosing trainers and experts for collaboration, and guiding program improvement and effectiveness according to the latest industry trends and Advisory Board direction.

Baker Hughes University Governance


Our programs

Baker Hughes University offers exclusive learning opportunities dedicated to highly selected energy-industry professionals.

Each year, we deliver two editions of the Junior Program and two editions of the Senior Program. On request, we can also organize localized courses delivered at a Customer location anywhere in the world.


Junior program

A unique two-month learning experience offering a comprehensive deep dive into the world of energy, providing the leadership and technical skills needed to manage the evolution of this complex and fast-paced industry.

Targeted for young professionals (preferably less than 35 years old) with 3-5 years of work experience in the energy industry and fluent in English.


Composed of 4 training modules:

1.   Leadership & Business Management
  • Developing tomorrow’s energy-industry leadership behaviors
  • Sessions aimed at exploring new strategies for leading in a dynamic world, empowering and inspiring others, cultivating innovation, and acquiring the main business management tools, such as project management and finance fundamentals
2.    Energy Industry & Energy Transition
  • Delivering the highest current efficiency solutions and advancing the path toward energy decarbonization
  • A comprehensive overview of the energy industry, the development of global energy market and geopolitics, the role of different energy sources, and the underlying drivers shaping the energy transition, including climate-change 
3.    Technology & Digital Innovation 
  • Advancing technology and innovation to power global progress and economic development
  • A deep dive into the latest energy technology developments for liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), energy storage, subsea equipment, and much more—including digital solutions for remote operations to improve safety, productivity, availability, and sustainability of energy systems
4.    Living @ Baker Hughes
  • An immersive experience in Baker Hughes and energy world
  • Leadership talks, guided tours of Baker Hughes plants in Italy, teamwork activities, project work, and ceremonies to offer University participants the opportunity to live and understand Baker Hughes’ reality and culture

Baker Hughes University Localized Courses


Senior program

A powerful two-week learning journey with specialized topics to support middle and senior management in navigating a constantly changing world while directly experiencing Baker Hughes plants.

Specifically designed for managers with 10-15 years of industry experience and fluent in English.

Content focused on:

Leadership: driving organizational and workplace changes dealing with cultural differences, engaging teams, and building trust in highly competitive and volatile, uncertain, complex, and hyper-connected environments.

Energy: an overview of the macro-economic models and market dynamics of the energy industry with drop-in sessions on specific industry segments such as hydrogen or carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and on Baker Hughes technologies.

Baker Hughes University Senior Program



Baker Hughes University programs integrate both Baker Hughes and third-party trainers, including the most renowned and authoritative research institutes, energy-intelligence companies, and leadership-development experts to offer participants an immersive journey designed to gain an in-depth understanding of the current energy sector and its main challenges.

Our training models are crafted to provide an impactful learning experience, combining an interactive and engaging mix of lectures and group activities with the need to share real-life experiences and case studies to learn from others’ perspectives.



The University is based at our Florence Learning Center in Italy, an international congress and training venue located at the core of the Baker Hughes campus. Our adjacent plant, spanning more than 350,000 m2 and employing around 4,000 people, is a center of excellence for the most innovative Baker Hughes turbomachinery technologies and services, including development and manufacturing of gas turbines and compressors.

At the Florence Learning Center, Baker Hughes University participants enjoy their learning path within a dedicated area that includes a classroom, meeting rooms, and a break room.

Baker Hughes University Venue


Localized courses 

A condensed version of Baker Hughes University offerings can be provided for a class of employees belonging to the same Baker Hughes Customer company, delivered at their site. The course content and duration are specifically tailored to match the Customer's training needs.


Alumni network

Since its launch, Baker Hughes University has trained more than 1,250 professionals from over 150 different Customer companies. Representing about 40 different nationalities, our Alumni Network enables these energy professionals to keep in touch both through social media and face-to-face events organized around the world.



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