• Saves time and rig costs
  • Prevents damage to outer strings
  • Cuts a wide range of pipe types and diameters

  • Difficult or controlled pipe recovery situations
  • Downhole pipe sizes from 2⅞ to 7 inches
  • Precise cuts in offshore and remote wells

The Mechanical Pipe Cutter™ (MPC™) from Baker Hughes reduces logistical and environmental constraints, delivering precise downhole pipe cutting without ballistics or hazardous chemicals, reducing nonproductive time (NPT), risk, and intervention costs.

The MPC tool also delivers precise downhole pipe cutting without damaging external tubulars. Cutting penetration is continuously measured and controlled, confirming the cut has been made and avoiding damage to external tubulars or control lines. The MPC’s temperature and pressure ratings allow you to cut pipe in hotter and deeper environments while eliminating expensive and time-consuming coiled tubing or pipe operations.

Our revolutionary pipe cutter saves you time with rapid deployment, a controlled cut with minimal debris, and confirms the pipe cut has been made and is free before coming out of the hole. If the pipe is not free, the MPC enables you to attempt another cut while downhole, saving hours of time. The MPC can be used on a variety of pipe types and sizes: drillpipe, tubing, and casing from standard steel to superalloys. The MPC can cut pipe at any angle, including horizontal.

Our 2⅛-in. (54-mm) tool is for downhole pipe sizes from 2⅞ to 4½ in. (73 to 114 mm). Our 3¼-in. (83-mm) tool is for downhole pipe sizes from 4 to 7 in. (178 to 102 mm).

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative today to explore the ways the Mechanical Pipe Cutter can help you obtain precise downhole pipe cutting without losing valuable time and money.

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