• Withstand extreme shock loads during cutting with solid body design
  • Operate cutter with less surface pressure with large piston area design
  • Save time and expense with interchangeable nozzle sizes and easy knife changeouts on the rig floor

  • Casing repair
  • Cut and retrieve drillpipe
  • Subsea applications



Efficiently cut through multiple strings of casing or large-diameter stings—with less time and risk—with Hercules™ multistring cutters from Baker Hughes.

The hydraulically operated, solid-body Hercules cutter can be effectively used in any cutting application where rotation and pressure can be applied to the tool. The three knives of the cutter are dressed with SUPERLOY™ high-strength material or METAL MUNCHER™ advanced milling technology, which is 30% stronger than standard cutters to help ensure faster, safer cutting for your applications.

The Hercules multistring cutter’s knives are moved into position by drilling or workover fluid pressure acting against a piston. The necessary pressure differential is established by the flow rate of the fluid through the indicator nozzle. Standard bit nozzle sizes are used for convenient interchangeability, and the nozzle size can be adjusted to match the pressure differential required with the available fluid pump flow rate.

Once a cut is successfully completed, you can retrieve the casing string in the same trip downhole with an integral hydraulic casing spear. The spear is rotated inside the casing string without engaging and can be precisely positioned at the desired location inside your string to optimize retrieval. The tool can withstand the most severe downhole conditions for efficient casing retrieval.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Hercules multistring cutter can help you effectively cut and retrieve drillpipe, with less time and risk.

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