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  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Large-scale testing capability available

  • Single-flow turbines with impulse blades for high reliability and efficiency over a broad range of operating conditions
  • Stator and rotor components optimized for the specific thermal cycle and entire operating range of each application
  • Condensing and backpressure configurations available

  • Industrial and solar power generation
  • Refinery, LPG, power generation
  • Boiler feed pump



Our modular design philosophy ensures high reliability and performance in a wide range of industrial power generation (combined cycle, cogeneration, waste-to-energy, biomass), solar power generation, oil and gas applications (refinery, LPG, power generation) and for use as boiler feed pumps. All benefit from the large-scale testing capability at our various facilities around the world.

All our models are available in condensing or backpressure configurations, and we offer various inlet options with single and multi-valve configurations to satisfy all capacity requirements. The turbine exhaust can be either radial or axial. Low-pressure stage options include a large family of three-dimensional stages, and either variable or fixed-speed capabilities with high-speed/high-efficiency families.


MP/MC series

Covering applications up to 40 MW, our MP and MC series steam turbines feature multi valves, sliding and/or fixed pressure control, and axial or radial (up/down) exhaust. They accept frequent starts/stops, are optimized with balance of plant equipment, and have a grid valve for extraction/injection control.


Boiler feed pump

For these applications, we generally recommend MC units rated up to 30 MW. Their main characteristics are high reliability and efficiency over a broad speed range with modules available in single or dual admission. Their modular design enables a high degree of customization for large fossil power generation optimization.


P/C series

With a power range up to 6 MW and speed range of 3,000 to 15,000 rpm, the P/C series is ideal for small mechanical drive applications. Like MP/MC, these units are highly reliable and efficient over a broad operating range, and can be used in backpressure or condensing configurations. The key differences from MP and MC are that P/C units are single valve.



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