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  • High efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Enables system decarbonization
  • Requires less maintenance than a gas-turbine-driven compressor, saving 5–8 days per year for a typical 7 MTPA LNG liquefaction facility

  • Customizable to best meet the specific requirements of the process technology, site topography and operating environment
  • Can be configured with a variety of variable-speed drive options

  • LNG liquefaction, pipelines
  • Desalination, water irrigation
  • Heavy industry and steel mills




Based on our extremely reliable BRUSH™ Power Generation DAX generators, our MAX synchronous motors can be fully customized to meet all customer specifications—while reducing costs and maintenance requirements, ensuring high reliability, and over 30 years’ design life.

Our typical synchronous motor system includes:

  • Two-pole synchronous motor
  • Variable-frequency drive
  • Centrifugal compressor
  • Condition monitoring
  • Grid


eDrive solutions

Our synchronous motors support climate change targets by enabling higher efficiency and zero emissions. They offer significant total operating cost savings by reducing the need for regular maintenance interventions, and avoiding excessive process downtime. With a global installed base of over 6,000 synchronous machines, and proven reliability in large-scale projects, they are essential tools for the decarbonization of industrial processes requiring the movement of large volumes of gases and liquids.

Synchronous motor eDrive


Design efficiency

A synchronous 2-pole motor is one of the most efficient means of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. A dedicated input transformer is used to adapt the network supply voltage to the adjustable speed drive input voltage. Either voltage source inverters (VSI) or load-commutated inverters (LCI) are used to drive the motors. The drives rectify the grid supply into DC and then, using thyristor-based invertors, electronically switch the DC current to produce a three-phase AC system of variable frequency and voltage for supplying the motor and controlling the speed. The drive smoothly accelerates the motor and the load from zero to nominal speed, after which the motor is automatically synchronized to the power system.



Shaft power

20–100 MW



Voltage per winding

Up to 15 kV

Rated speed (rpm)

3,000, 3,600

Torque capacity

Constant torque from low speed to rated speed

Design standards

IEC 60034, NEMA MG1

Motor protection

Purge and pressurized (Ex P) for

  • IECEx Zone 2 IIB T3
  • ATEX Zone Zone 2 Group II Category 3G
  • Ingress Protection to IP56

Cooling system

Closed loop air to water (CACW or TEWAC)


Brushless 3 phase

Ambient temperatures

-40 °C to 60 °C

Motor efficiency

Up to 98.7%


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