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  • High efficiency up to 98.6%
  • Designed to be driven by gas or steam turbines with outputs of 10–55 MVA (@40C)
  • Quick installation—rotor is typically installed during transportation

  • Manufactured from a one-piece forging of high-quality alloy steel for a minimum of 25 years’ service life
  • Based on a modular construction method, can be easily adapted to meet any turbine design
  • Every unit is factory tested to reduce on-site testing and commissioning time

  • Geothermal, cogeneration, public utility
  • Offshore
  • Industrial




Our BRUSH™ Power Generation 4-pole DG generators are designed to be driven by gas or steam turbines with outputs of 10–55 MVA (@40C). With over 750 active installations, they are regularly specified by leading geothermal, public utility, cogeneration (CHP), industrial, and offshore operations..



The stator frame is a rigid structure, fabricated from mild steel plate and designed to withstand the mechanical stresses imposed during operation and under accidental short circuit conditions.

4-pole, air-cooled generators Stator


The core is built up from segmented laminations of low-loss, high-permeability, high-silicon electrical steel. Radial ventilation ducts are formed at intervals along the core by steel spacers. 

Two-layer diamond stator winding consists of identical diamond wound coils with six winding ends brought out, three to the line terminals and three to the neutral terminals.

The high-performance Class F insulation system is based on a glass fabric baked mica paper tape. After an extensive vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process, the completed stator is heated in an oven to fully cure the insulation.



The rotor is manufactured from a one-piece forging of high-quality alloy steel that's de-gassed, vacuum poured, and stress relieved to obtain a uniform material with excellent tensile properties.

4-pole, air-cooled generators Rotor


The four individual coils of the rotor winding are built up from copper strips, brazed to each other by inductive heating and silver brazing. The copper strips are insulated from each other with a layer of aramid fiber paper, covered with an epoxy resin adhesive layer. The resin is polymerized at high pressure and temperature, consolidating the coil into a compact, solid unit.

Flexible connections connect the coils in series with the DC output of the brushless exciter. The coils are held in place by forged steel poles shoes that are bolted to the top of each pole body.

All completed rotors undergo comprehensive testing in our overspeed test facility.




Up to 15 kV


Brushless or static


Class F


50 or 60 Hz


3 to 55 MVA (@40C)


Single or double-end drive


  • Aeroderivative gas turbine 
  • Frame gas turbine 
  • Steam turbine

Design standards

IEC & IEEE compliant


  • Low-temperature operation
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight
  • Hazardous area operation
  • Multiple heat exchanger options
  • Double-end drive
  • High inertia
  • API 546 compliant
  • Harsh environment
  • Capable of synchronous compensator operation


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