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  • Efficient and reliable units deliver high compression ratios, wide flow range, and optimal rotor balance for low vibration
  • Number of stages, rotating speed, impeller diameter, and cooler size can all be tailored to suit any application
  • Simple installation: units are delivered tested and fully assembled on a single base with no requirement for special foundation

  • Available in single or multi-shaft configuration to suit required duty
  • Integrally geared compressor can be driven by an electric motor or a turbine; can have 1-4 pinions depending on casing size
  • Automatic capacity control and safety system to reliably match any operating condition and reduce energy losses

  • Petrochemical
  • Air compression




With a simple, compact structure and excellent reliability, our SRL compressors are well-suited to a wide range of heavy-duty service with air, steam, and gases for all petrochemical applications. We combine proven, standardized components with customization options to meet any operating requirements.


Discharge pressure
Up to 210 bar
Inlet flow range
1,600 to 360,000 m3/h
Max number of phases
Up to 8 phases
Up to 49,000 rpm
Integrally geared


Integrated solutions for high-pressure applications

These compressors can process CO2 streams from gaseous up to supercritical conditions as high as 540 bar.

The optimized train configuration includes an integrally geared centrifugal compressor coupled with a multistage barrel pump for high pressure. The compressor's inter-stage coolers enable high CO2 pressure, ensuring high efficiency and 10% less power consumption than a traditional in-line compressor.

The high-pressure multistage barrel pump for CO2 draws on the proven design features of our installed fleet of 1,000 pumps. The overall compressor-pump train has been optimized to ensure high performance and operational flexibility, including selection of the intermediate pressure between the last compression stage and the pump suction. Moreover, with a smaller layout and compressor casing, our integrated solution decreases total absorbed power and cost—whether total lifecycle cost, or cost per unit of CO2 injected underground.

SRL Integrated


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