• Extend the production life of your well with highly reliable chemical delivery
  • Ensure chemical injection of harsh production chemicals in high H2S/CO2 environments
  • Eliminate the potential for leaks with verifiable connection integrity

  • Deepwater
  • Subsea
  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) oil and gas wells



SureTREAT™ chemical injection check valves from Baker Hughes reliably deliver production chemicals to maximize the operating life of your wells, even under the most rigorous environmental conditions.


Dependable by design

SureTREAT check valves have been designed, rigorously tested, and deployed successfully in deepwater, subsea, and HP/HT well environments. Their proven track record of performance is due to design features that include:

  • Electron beam-welded housing connections, which eliminate the potential for leaks, even in high-vibration environments
  • A parting piston injection block that enables an internal test of the injection line-to-valve connection, as well as system integrity monitoring, while running in hole
  • An externally testable valve-to-mandrel connection that provides added tolerance to lateral vibrations
  • An enhanced checked section with a gas seal to prevent production fluids from flowing into the injection system, even under low differential pressure conditions
  • An optional differential pressure/power spring that prevents chemical waste due to U-tubing should the flowing pressure at the injection point fall below the chemical hydrostatic pressure during the life of the well
  • NACE-compliant materials and chemical-resistant elastomers that retain their integrity and ensure long operating life under demanding conditions

Whatever production challenges you face, SureTREAT chemical injection check valves will ensure reliable chemical delivery to extend equipment life and enhance flow assurance, while minimizing your operating costs for the long-term economic vitality of your producing well.

Contact us to learn how SureTREAT chemical injection valves can help extend the economic life of your severe-environment producing assets.

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