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  • Control water and gas breakthrough without an intervention
  • Maximize reservoir contact to increase ultimate recovery
  • Get precise, real-time remote control

  • Horizontal, multi-zone completions with anticipated water/gas breakthrough challenges
  • Traditional hydraulically controlled intelligent completions requiring improved zonal control
  • Dry tree completions, on land or shallow- to medium-depth water applications



Control and optimize production performance from multiple zones—remotely and without a well intervention—with the MultiNode™ all-electric intelligent well system from Baker Hughes.


Ensure production control at the touch of a button

If you’re challenged with potential early water or gas breakthrough in your long horizontal wells, our MultiNode system is an ideal solution to control breakthrough, optimize production, and increase ultimate recovery.

Compared to completions solutions using passive inflow control devices (ICD), the system enables remote adjustment of downhole production performance in real time.

With the MultiNode system, you can segment your horizontal wellbore into numerous individually controlled zones. An electric flow control valve (eFCV) is placed in each zone to remotely control production performance. Once water breakthrough starts, the MultiNode system’s downhole well monitoring identifies these water-producing zones.

Our user-friendly surface control unit then lets you isolate or choke back these zones with the touch of a button. The surface control system also allows for production optimization when multiple wells are completed and connected to a central location.  Wells can be controlled and monitored remotely from virtually anywhere in the world—without having to perform costly and risky intervention operations.

Traditional hydraulically operated intelligent completions require multiple downhole control lines to operate. But the MultiNode system can segment and control up to 27 producing zones using a single electric control cable, while simplifying installation and maintenance.


Optimize production in multi-zone and mature well applications

The MultiNode system is optimal for dry-tree completions with downhole pressures of up to 5,000psi and downhole temperature not exceeding 125°C.  Applications include land completions as well as shallow-depth and medium-depth sea completions connected to a dry-tree on a platform. 

When used in conjunction with other completions solutions such as open-hole and cased-hole packers and downhole well monitoring, the system can further optimize downhole production and injection in multi-zone completion applications. 

The MultiNode system’s lower costs compared to traditional hydraulic well systems also makes it ideal for Intelligent Completion System (ICS) solutions for mature/brownfield applications. Integrating the MultiNode system with other components such as chemical injection systems or sand control systems gives you the unparalleled ability to optimize well performance in a number of critical ways, including:

  • React to changing wellbore conditions and manage uncertainties without incurring extra operating costs or HS&E risks
  • Gain better understanding of reservoir performance
  • Monitor and control production performance from virtually anywhere in the world, without requiring personnel at the wellsite

Contact us to learn how the MultiNode all-electric intelligent well system can help you react to well performance changes quickly to extend production life and boost ultimate recovery levels.

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