• Collect high-quality fluid samples in a range of challenging reservoirs
  • Achieve accurate pressure testing, fluid identification, and sampling in a single trip
  • Eliminate deployment risks of pipe-conveyed wireline testing

  • Highly unconsolidated sand environments
  • Low porosity, low permeability environments
  • Large diameter boreholes



Sample formation fluids and gather critical reservoir data with greater certainty and speed with the FASTrak™ HD logging-while-drilling (LWD) fluid analysis, sampling, and testing service from Baker Hughes. Gain critical, real-time insights from your complex, large-hole reservoir sections to optimize well placement and production.

Comprehensive sampling and data collection

The FASTrak HD service combines three distinct functions in one tool:

  • Accurate real-time formation pressure tests
  • Real-time in-situ measurements of reservoir fluid properties
  • Capture and retrieval of formation fluid samples

Conduct these operations in the same trip downhole, saving you rig time while providing a wealth of reservoir fluid and pressure data. The FASTrak HD service’s large flow-area probe has successfully collected fluid samples in high-angle reservoir intervals up to 13 ½-in. in diameter. And in complex environments ranging from unconsolidated sands to low permeability formations, the service can perform pressure testing operations, capture multiple single-phase fluid samples, and conduct phase separation testing to determine bubble point.

When deployed as part of your drilling operation, the FASTrak HD service delivers unparalleled reservoir data—without the risks of poor sealing and stuck tools that are common for wireline evaluation tools.

Contact us today to learn how the FASTrak HD service can improve your formation evaluation, in less time and at lower risk.

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