• Reduce rig cost through efficient, seismic-enhanced drilling
  • Reduce uncertainty for enhanced safety
  • Optimize well landing with real-time data

  • Seismic uncertainty and uncertain casing/coring points
  • Highly deviated, horizontal, or extended-reach wells
  • Deep water and pre-salt



Hit your reservoir targets under a variety of complex environments with real-time, seismic first-arrival and waveform data from the Baker Hughes SeismicTrak™ seismic-while-drilling service. Use the service’s data to update surface seismic models without impeding overall drilling operations. The result—immediate, high-quality information on the reservoir, leading to improved production and recovery.


Reduce rig costs and nonproductive time

The SeismicTrak service captures measurements during natural pauses in the drilling process, which are then transmitted to the surface using mud-pulse telemetry. As pipe is added, seismic operations from the surface engage, and the SeismicTrak tool’s downhole receiver acquires formation velocity data with no slowdown to the operation. This eliminates nonproductive time (NPT) with faster data acquisition and reduced rig costs.

Real-time data from the SeismicTrak tool enables adjustment of well trajectory as necessary to avoid sidetracks and precisely place the well.

And in highly deviated, horizontal, or extended-reach wells, the SeismicTrak service can access boreholes that may be difficult for wireline, reducing the need for additional openhole time. The system collects and stores real-time checkshot data and full wireline-quality vertical seismic profile data for processing after drilling to increase your understanding of the subsurface.


Enhance drilling safety with reduced uncertainty

The SeismicTrak service reduces this uncertainty of surface seismic data in high-risk, sub-salt, and deepwater regions by showing important reservoir features and potential drilling hazards. With real-time access to features such as faults and pore-pressure regions, you’ll increase the safety of your drilling operation.

While drilling, SeismicTrak data will indicate formation changes that are approaching just below the bit, allowing you to make safe stops and avoid potential hazards. You can also combine surface seismic and SeismicTrak data to assist in detecting pressure changes, the potential of exiting of the reservoir, or other downhole uncertainties that could jeopardize your run.


Hit your target with real-time data

During drilling, the SeismicTrak checkshot data is transmitted to the surface to position the well on the seismic map. This real-time seismic data helps optimize operational processes and improve wellbore placement.

Using precise clock technology in—with a drift of less than one millisecond over 10 days—the SeismicTrak service
can precisely provide time/depth measurement, even when downhole for extended periods. The wavelet processing of reflected data helps predict geohazards and features ahead of the bit, as well as landing the well in the sweet spot.

Further enhance the data processing of the SeismicTrak service by working with Baker Hughes borehole seismic experts, who are also engaged in each step of the process—from prewell planning to modeling to providing service deliverables. With their contributions, you’ll get optimal job performance and results.

Contact us today to learn how the SeismicTrak seismic-while-drilling service can help you reduce downhole uncertainty and optimize wellbore placement.

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