Our AziTrak™ deep azimuthal resistivity measurement tool detects reservoir boundaries, offering accurate formation evaluation to reduce wellbore position uncertainty. When combined with our Reservoir Navigation Services, the AziTrak tool enables optimal wellbore placement for increased production in horizontal and multilateral wells. This approach reduces nonproduction time (NPT) by avoiding unnecessary sidetracks.

This formation evaluation tool is a fully integrated measurement-while-drilling/logging-while-drilling (MWD/LWD) suite, offering real-time deep azimuthal resistivity, directional, azimuthal gamma-ray, multiple propagation resistivity, downhole pressure, and vibration measurements in a single sub. All the sensors are as close to the bit as possible for early detection of undesirable reservoir sections.

By geosteering away from unproductive lateral sections—whether oil-water contact (OWC) or avoiding an undesired reservoir exit—you’ll ensure optimal placement and maximized reservoir performance.

Real-time distance-to-bed boundary and apparent-dip calculations with deep azimuthal resistivity data and gamma-ray images are available to help you make informed, proactive decisions while drilling horizontal wells.

By addressing the critical challenges when there’s a high level of uncertainty in subseismic features, optimal wellbore placement is essential for maximizing your reservoir exposure.

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