• The expertise to convert your assets into IIoT machines, and turn big data into smart solutions
  • Collaborate through different platforms and service models
  • Supporting your energy transition strategy by maximizing efficiency, and reducing emissions with digital applications

  • Advanced at-edge sensors and controls that improve the reliability, efficiency, safety, and OPEX of your critical equipment
  • Specialized edge-to-cloud applications run remotely through our iCenter Advanced Services to increase turbine efficiency
  • 20-year monitoring and diagnostics heritage of turning big data into deep insights that improve performance and reduce emissions

  • Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas
  • Industrial, and combined heat and power



Expert people and smart data are the core of our digital services for turbomachinery applications, and we continually invest to enhance our engineering capabilities in three macro areas:

  • Protect: increasing reliability, and reducing unplanned outage
  • Produce: optimizing your operations to increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing emissions
  • Plan: improving the effectiveness and flexibility of planned maintenance

Our smart software and service solutions can be deployed on your local control systems, and remotely with edge-to-cloud solutions. In doing so, we convert your industrial assets into “IIoT machines” that can have an exponential impact on your plant performance. 


Advanced edge sensors
  • Oil debris monitoring (ODM)
  • Flame tracker dry (FTD325)
  • Torsional vibration control system (TVCS)
  • Smart combustion dynamic monitoring system (SCDM)


Edge software
  • Synthetic flame detector (SFD)
  • Interactive human-machine interface (iHMI)
  • High-load premix transfer (HLPT)


Edge hardware
  • Mark VI to Mark VIe control system migration
  • Mark VIe controls for fire and gas system


Edge-to-cloud services
  • Efficiency optimizer
  • Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS)


iCenter advanced digital services


  • Health index
  • Thrust bearing load
  • Pilot
  • Remote tuning
  • Trip reduction program



  • Spinning reserve
  • Water wash optimization
  • Centrifugal compressor operating point
  • Filter change advisory
  • Power peak
  • Carbon optimizer*



  • Operating profile
  • DLE health status
  • Dynamic L1
  • Centrifugal compressor flexible maintenance*
  • Maintenance optimizer*


* under development

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