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The safety, integrity, and operating efficiency of your assets are at the core of what we do. Baker Hughes Process & Pipeline Services (PPS) unique portfolio of services helps you confidently manage the lifecycle of your pipeline—delivering timely and stress-free startup, supporting day-to-day reliability, and enabling controlled decommissioning.

The right technology for every technology challenge

We provide a variety of inspection services to meet your requirements. We offer pipeline inspection services for examining emerging issues such as corrosion, cracks, pipeline movement, and mechanical damage. 

Pipeline debris can reduce throughput, cause corrosion, raise running costs, and prevent proper inspection. Our technologies remove various deposits, including wax, liquids, black powder, rust, and millscale. We'll get your pipeline back on track and enhance your system's efficiency without taking it offline.

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Corrosion and metal loss

Corrosion and metal loss are the most common threats to pipeline integrity, regulatory compliance, and security of supply. Our technologies and expertise have helped pipeline operators minimize those risks—and the associated costs—for over 50 years. 

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Crack management

Reliable detection, location, and sizing of crack-like features 

Our technology enables us to detect over 20 different types of cracks. We’ve focused on finding solutions to your challenges to locate, identify, characterize, and monitor the many types of cracks that may compromise pipeline integrity. 

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Pipeline geometry and mapping

Mapping and inspecting your pipeline at the same time supports with gathering and understanding critical information on specific challenges to pipeline integrity. Our mapping tools can run through remote, inaccessible areas where conventional above-ground mapping surveys are impractical. 

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Integrity engineering

Maximizing the efficiency of your ILI program 

We offer proven, industry-accepted pipeline integrity engineering practices that support a pragmatic approach without jeopardizing pipeline safety.  Our comprehensive range of assessment techniques evaluates anomaly criticality and enables us to recommend control measures, repair processes or changes to the system process to promote long-term pipeline integrity. 

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Energy Transition

Baker Hughes is committed to assisting operators through the ongoing  period of energy transition. Through the provision of accurate and reliable in-line inspection (ILI) data, as well as associated engineering services, PPS can help operators make informed decisions about introducing different products into their pipelines. 

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