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Reliable detection, location, and sizing of crack-like features

Even cracking virtually invisible to the human eye can still weaken pipeline integrity to the point of catastrophic failure. Baker Hughes pipeline crack detection methods, such as gith weld inspection, and pipeline inspection tools help operators conduct SSC Test for Pipes to identify Stress Corrosion Cracks (SCC). Operators can also discover metal fatigue cracking, find hydrogen-induced cracks, and detect sulfide corrosion cracks. Further, they can spot cracks occurring in base material and heat-affected zones. Pipeline engineers can utilize weld crack detection methods to uncover axial cracks in substandard axial welds, and circumferential cracks in girth welds and be able to identify cracks forming in conjunction with other flaws such as dents, gouges, and corrosion. 

The challenge is your ability to locate, identify, characterize, and monitor the many types of cracks that may compromise pipeline integrity,  

The solution is Baker Hughes invests in and develops technologies that can inspect older pipelines, with a propensity for weld seam cracks and hook cracks. Solutions that allow operators to accurately locate and highlight pipeline cracks are most likely to fail. Our pipeline inspection capabilities can identify stress corrosion cracking pipelines (SCC) and cracks of unknown gestation. We can also employ recognized engineering techniques to predict rupture pressure when adjacent crack(s) interact if extensive SCC crack fields are populated with critical and subcritical cracks. Baker Hughes is leading the way providing the tools operators need in oil and gas pipeline repair. 


  • EMATScan™ CD
  • UltraScan™ CD Plus
  • TranScan™ TFI
  • ILI-based risk assessment
  • IMU bending strain assessment
  • Post Inspection Crack Assessment (PICA)
  • Dent strain and fatigue assessment
  • Data integration and interacting threat assessments

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