Proven Detection Solutions for Safeguard and Security Applications

Reuter-Stokes has been a leader in neutron and gamma detection technology design and manufacturing for more than six decades. We offer a wide range of radiation monitoring solutions.

Our best-in-class proportional counters are designed for multiplicity, coincidence and totals counting for security and safeguard applications including:

  • Spent nuclear fuel measurement

  • Nuclear fuel processing

  • Research reactor startup

Security and Safeguard Radiation Detector Products
Helium-3 Gas-Filled Detectors
  • Gas mixture optimization for any specified sensitivity, can also achieve detector gain matching
  • Design customization to accommodate mechanical compatibility with existing systems
  • 3He recovery, purification, storage and reuse for cost-effective, sustainable detection solutions
Boron-10 Lined Neutron Detectors
  • Exceptional neutron sensitivity with excellent gamma rejection capabilities
  • Ideal for neutron detection in gamma-saturated environments
  • Customizable for spent nuclear fuel measurements and research reactor startup neutron detection
Hybrid Boron-10 Proportional Counters
  • Combine ³He and 10B for improved gamma rejection and sensitivity
  • Applicable for safeguard systems, handheld neutron detection and road gauging
  • Customizable by the world’s leading supplier of hybrid detectors