Announcing New flare.IQ Feature for Combustion Efficiency:

As global regulations and guidelines are taking shape, Combustion Efficiency (CE) and Destruction Removal Efficiency (DRE) have become the preferred measurand. In addition, reporting emissions in terms of a CO2 equivalent is a standard practice. So, in cases of methane emissions, these will get converted to a CO2 equivalent for easier comparison and reporting.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Panametrics’ revolutionary flare.IQ technology now allows operators to monitor and report online flare Combustion Efficiency, Destruction Removal Efficiency and CO2 equivalents for both upstream (non-assisted) and downstream (assisted) flares.

flare.IQ: Advanced flare control and digital verification platform

Increasingly becoming part of operators’ decarbonization strategies, Panametrics’ flare.IQ energy transition technology is optimizing flare operations and significantly reducing methane emissions for customers across the globe.

Methane Emissions

The equivalent of removing 34,000 cars from our roads. That’s how much emissions flare.IQ can save from a typical oil and gas refinery producing 500,000 barrels a day, while running at 70% flare efficiency.  

Incomplete flaring is one of the major causes of methane slip emissions across the oil and gas industry. (It is one of the most harmful forms of emissions and 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.) Operators are increasingly turning to advanced digital solutions to monitor, measure, and drive down methane emissions.

A Full-Stream Flare Solution

Panametrics’ groundbreaking flare.IQ technology significantly reduces methane slip emissions, minimizes costs from flaring operations, and improves transparency for flare operations. flare.IQ is a full-stream flare solution, covering assisted flares associated with downstream petrochemical and refinery flare operations, all the way to unassisted flares associated with upstream operations.  

Air or Steam-assisted Flares: By using flare.IQ and its patented algorithm, operators can pull critical information about their flare system, including temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities, and gas composition, to calculate the optimum levels of flare performance and ensure 98%+ high-efficiency flare combustion

Providing accurate, real-time production floor data, flare.IQ enables operators to intervene quickly and optimize flare Combustion Efficiency. Mixing the right amount of vent gas, fuel, and steam at the flare tip helps operators comply with regulations and reduce emissions.   

Unassisted flares: Combustion Efficiency (CE) and Predictive Emissions Modeling System (PEMS): The use of flare.IQ for unassisted flares - largely represented in upstream oil and gas operations - provides live monitoring of Combustion Efficiency to ensure real-time data reporting. While the gas composition is more stable than what is seen in downstream operations, when Combustion Efficiency drops, it is captured immediately, and remediation actions can be taken by the operator. It also provides predictive emissions data by calculating the CO2 being released into the atmosphere. This solution is easy to deploy and is cost-effective when compared to the alternatives for monitoring emissions. 

Deploying flare.IQ, operators can also verify flare meters remotely. This helps ensure customers avoid any carbon tax penalties associated with flaring, but also improves efficiency and reduces the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) risk of erecting scaffolding and deploying resources to manually verify flare meters.  

flare.IQ Operator Benefits:
  • Delivers high-efficiency flare combustion and significantly reduces methane emissions and steam usage
  • Avoids any carbon tax penalties associated with flaring
  • Manages flare assets remotely 24/7
  • Identifies issues early and intervenes quickly by having access to real-time Combustion Efficiency   data on the production floor
  • Verifies flare meters remotely, eliminating the logistical and operational costs of technician support, scaffolding, and permit application associated with traditional flare verification
  • Eliminates the Health, Safety, and Environmental risk associated with scaffolding


flare management solutions by panametrics

Improve Combustion Efficiency Performance with flare.IQ

Flare Control and Optimization

A Tech Brief for Flare Management

In oil and gas operations, real-time flare optimization has significant and far-reaching consequences. Using ultrasonic flare control solutions makes it possible to improve return on investment (ROI) while simultaneously seeing advancements in safety, mitigating risk, and reducing potentially negative environmental impact.

Download the Technical Brief to see how Panametrics’ flare.IQ can help improve the efficiency of your flare operations.

flare.IQ KAON

See how operators are optimizing flare operations and reducing emissions with flare.IQ

Panametrics Flare Management
Measurement Up, Methane Down:

Read how BP employed Panametrics' innovative flare management to reduce their methane emissions

flare.IQ Key Benefits
Continually reduces methane

flare.IQ provides real-time information on flaring and how efficiently the flare burns. 

With steam, air, and fuel-assisted flare systems, flare.IQ can directly reduce emissions, including methane, by controlling the efficiency of combustion at the flare tip. 

Using data from, operators can identify the operations that cause the greatest impact on flaring and prioritize investments to most effectively impact emissions.

refinery methane monitoring
Enhances strong performance across the Oil and Gas chain

flare.IQ works with any ultrasonic meter and DCS system, allowing oil and gas companies to deploy the same solution at an enterprise level, regardless of the regional or local system in use. 

flare.IQ also supports upstream and downstream operations, including LNG facilities. 

LNG Plant 2 condition monitoring solutions
Improves data accuracy

flare.IQ ensures ultrasonic meter performance in real-time when combined with a GC Panametrics Flow Meter or Mass Spec instrument and reviewed by a Panametrics applications engineer prior to installation. 

flare.IQ also offers real-time Combustion Efficiency (CE) and Total Hydrocarbon (THC) DE.

Electronics Data
Improves transparency

By providing real-time data, the flare.IQ solution provides unrivalled transparency. Pulling temperature, pressure, vent gas velocities, and gas composition flare.IQ calculates the optimum levels of flare performance and ensures 98%+ high-efficiency flare combustion.

This enables process engineers and operators to modify operations to optimize flare performance and reduce emissions.


Smarter Technologies for The Planet
An Interactive Flare System

How to accurately measure the amount of steam fed to the flare tip for a smokeless operation is a common challenge among flare stack operators and process control engineers.

Between regulations and a corporate responsibility to improve the environmental landscape, companies are discovering that reliable digital solutions can ease the pressure on control engineers, allowing them to focus their time on maintaining a safe environment for the refinery with reliable data and insights.

To better understand how our flare management systems can help, Panametrics has developed an interactive flare solutions tool that is accessible free online

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Digital Verification and FlareCare

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Cut down carbon emissions?

Learn how you can improve flaring to cut down carbon emissions

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