Benefits of Digital Verification and FlareCare

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Panametrics’ Senior System Engineer, Yufeng Huang, explains the benefits of digitally verifying flare meters. 


Global regulations often require periodic verification checks on flare vent gas meters, with results recorded once or twice a year at regular intervals or based on the manufacturer’s recommended frequency. If a flare meter is not regularly and properly maintained, a meter failure can cause significant refinery downtime and possibly incur penalties due to non-compliance.

Current methods of verification require a service engineer to travel to the customer’s site, pull permits, build the necessary scaffolding, and monitor the meter with support from the plant’s technicians. Operational downtime and logistical support can also increase costs.

Digital verification, powered by flare.IQ, reduces unnecessary labor and expense by allowing your flare meter to be validated on-line and in-process through digital communication with a plant’s distributed control system (DCS) using Panametrics proprietary, patented algorithm.

Digital verification is typically available through the Panametrics FlareCare, our supporting service agreement (SSA). Panametrics FlareCare supporting service agreements can save your plant unnecessary expense and increase uptime. With many options to choose from, your company can determine what plan works best to support:

• Decreased EHS safety risks

• Reduced liability

• Lowered costs associated with scaffolding installations and transducer extraction

FlareCare Benefits

Designed for operators, the Panametrics flare.IQ digital platform provides plug-and-play capabilities for the plant DCS. The flare.IQ platform offers two major modules: one for flare system control and the latest for ultrasonic flare meter digital verification.

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