Refinery Solutions from Panametrics

Refinery Solutions from Panametrics

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Refinery Meters

For 60 years, we have been solving the challenges our customers experience everyday across the oil and gas industry. Now more than ever, we know how critical it is for refineries to produce more output at a lower cost, efficiently and safely. And we’re here to help.

Our commitment to innovation and partnership has led Panametrics to become the industry leader in moisture and gas measurements, flare management, flare measurement and ultrasonic flow metering applications. We've worked with partners like you to create powerful solutions that will keep your operations up and running, even in the harshest conditions—all while increasing throughput and meeting stringent regulations.

Explore our latest technologies and all the ways Panametrics can help you achieve more across your operations.

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Solutions for Refineries

Flare Management and Measurement
Ultrasonic Flow Measurement
Moisture Measurement
Hydrogen and Oxygen Measurement

Flare Management and Measurement

Determining and maintaining combustion efficiency for flare stacks shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our state-of-the-art flare measurement and management systems help you stay in control of flare systems in real time, for the safety of your operators and our planet. Optimize flare system performance to meet regulatory requirements, reduce methane emissions, and drive down operational costs. 

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Our rugged ultrasonic flow measurement solutions ensure the highest standard of visibility and measurement accuracy, even in transient, viscous conditions. Easy-to-operate technology helps streamline and accelerate your processes while reducing risk. The support, advice and training our experts can provide throughout your upgrade process is just as reliable as our products. 

Moisture Measurement

Moisture measurement and control is critical for many refinery process units, such as Catalytic Reforming, Isomerization and Alkylation. Our range of moisture measurement technologies and solutions allow for measurements in hydrocarbon liquids and gases, ensuring product quality, efficient dryer operation and catalyst and metal infrastructure protection.

Hydrogen and Oxygen Measurement

Hydrogen is a key component in many refinery processes, such as catalytic reforming and isomerization. It is critical that hydrogen is continually monitored and controlled to ensure the optimal amount is present in recycle gas or feed gases to processes units. Oxygen is monitored during catalyst regeneration to ensure optimal regeneration and reduce operating costs. Measuring oxygen content is also vital for ensuring the safety of the plant by preventing explosions in reactors and vessels.

Topic Spotlight: Why ultrasonic flow measurement?

Enhance safety

Meet tightening process and safety regulations (IEC61508 SIL standard), reduce risk of blasts and easily see measurement trends to predict and prevent issues before they happen.

Reduce operating costs

Make highly difficult measurements easier and faster, reduce maintenance labor and the need for spare parts and improve overall asset lifecycles

Produce more for less

Reduce clogging for greater throughput and streamline your workflow with easy-to-operate technology

Ultrasonic Measurement: Frequently Asked Questions
How do Panametrics' ultrasonic flow meters add value?

Ultrasonic flow meters offer a wealth of value in the short and long term.

  • Large turndown ratio
  • No drifting, no periodic calibration required
  • No pressure drop
  • No restriction in the pipe
  • No filters or strainers
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • No moving parts
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Low cost of ownership

One particularly difficult application in refineries is on the furnace feed lines, where ultrasonic technology can add the most value with coker, vacuum distillation and fluid catalytic cracker units measurement.

Why do I need ultra-precise H20, H2 and 02 measurements?

The simple answer: to ensure product quality, increase safety and control costs. Moisture in trace amounts is a contaminant in liquid feed stocks and must be removed via liquid dryers. Moisture in recycle gas is poison to the catalyst, which promotes acid formation and damages the piping and mechanical infrastructure. Hydrogen enables many refinery processes and controlling its concentration is key. Oxygen (% range) is a key measurement on catalyst regeneration and needs to remain below threshold limits to prevent explosive atmospheres in flare lines and tank farms.

What are some good applications for ultrasonic flow meters?

Anywhere you need accurate flow process measurement to save time and money.

  • Flare
  • NG, Sour Gas, SynGas, Pygas, Ethylene, Propylene, Butene, H2, etc.
  • Utilities: N2, Air, Steam 
  • DCU, VDU, FCCU, etc.
  • Water, Liquified Ethylene, LPG, Benzene, Amine, Caustic, Refined Products, Molten Sulfur, etc.
  • Custody & Fiscal Oil Measurement, LDS
  • Blending Lines
What types of flow meters does Panametrics offer?

We offer both in-line ultrasonic flow meters, which are highly recommended for heavy residue applications, as well as clamp-on flow meters.

In-line (wetted) ultrasonic meters

  • Highest level of performance  
  • Permanent measurement (“set and forget”)
  • Calibrated for specific applications
  • Serviceable under pressure 
  • Multi-path diagnostics 

Clamp-on ultrasonic meters

  • Economical and flexible Installation  
  • Serviceable under pressure
  • Can be installed in hard-to-access areas  
  • Extremely wide size range
What safety certification do Panametrics meters meet?

Panametrics is the the only ultrasonic flow metering supplier with up to SIL3 safety certification level. 


What types of services do you offer?

The support, advice and training our experts can provide to help you upgrade their systems is just as reliable as our technology. We can help every step of the way, to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy and safety to avoid risk and get ahead.

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Moisture and Gas Measurement: Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Panametrics’ aluminum oxide moisture sensors?
  • Can measure at process pressure, no need to reduce process pressure with expensive sample system components. 
  • Wide dynamic range of sensor, can measure from ppbs right through to ppms, in both gases and hydrocarbon liquids.
  • Not affected by background gas changes in composition.
  • Up to six (6) measurements can be made with a multichannel analyzer like the moisture.IQ.
  • Installed base of thousands and well proven technology in O&G applications.
What are the advantages of Aurora TDL for recycle gas?

Here are just a few advantages of using the Panametrics Aurora TDL technology on recycle gas applications:

  • Very fast speed of response, giving tighter process control
  • No drift technology means no recalibration costs
  • Non-contact measurement is immune to corrosive components like HCL in the gas stream
Which Panametrics products measure hydrogen concentration?

The Panametrics XMTC is a thermal conductivity-based analyzer, perfect for measuring H2 purity in a hydrocarbon background.


Are your moisture solutions approved by refinery licensors?

Yes, Panametrics works with all the major refinery process licensors.

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Topic Spotlight: Why Moisture and Hydrogen measurement?

Process Protection

Protect expensive reactor catalysts from excess moisture in the process feedstock, which can drastically reduce catalyst life, thereby increasing catalyst replacement costs.

Increased efficiency 

Ensure process dryers are running efficiently and switching towers only when required, to extend dryer bed life, while remaining within process specification.

Tighter Process Control

Ensure the process is running to licensor specifications with 24/7 reliable measurements of key parameters like Hydrogen and moisture content.


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