Process flow meters are integral to processes that contain liquids, gases or steam. Without the ability to monitor fluid flow, operators are often unable to control the throughput. Ultrasonic flow meters enable our customers to accurately measure the volume and velocity of various process liquids, whether polluted or ultra-pure. 

Panametrics, is a leader in flare gas, steam, chilled and portable metering applications. Our portfolio offers both inline and clamp-on flow meters capable of delivering digital insights directly to your plant or for remote monitoring, using wireless adapters for HART communications. While clamp-on flow meters are an excellent portable solution, our inline flow meters are better suited for permanent pipeline installations where accurate, reliable measurements are required.

Our broad portfolio of inline flow meters and readily available expertise enables you to optimize your processes and meet your environmental and performance goals.

General-purpose Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

DigitalFlow GM868

The Panametrics DigitalFlow GM868 is a general-purpose gas flow meter designed to measure gas flow in pipes or ducts. 

The meter includes wide-range transducers that block obstructions and, because of its design, eliminates pressure drop. This accurate ultrasonic meter ensures reliable gas flow that requires little or no maintenance.

Gas Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter

DigitalFlow XGM868i

The Panamertics DigitalFlow XGM868i is a general-purpose gas flow meter that offers a rugged transducer, weatherproofing, and is approved for use in hazardous environments.

The XGM868i is accurate over a wide range of flows and compositions such as dirty flow streams and all gases. This gas flow meter has no pressure drop, no moving parts and is maintenance-free.

Ultrasonic Steam Mass Flowmeter

DigitalFlow GS868

The Panametrics DigitalFlow GS868 ultrasonic steam meter measures steam while avoiding pressure drop.

The GS868 flow meter can cover a wide range of flow rates that reduce capital and installation costs.

Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Liquids

DigitalFlow XMT868i

The Panametrics DigitalFlow XMT868i is an ultrasonic flow transmitter for liquids. It combines flow measurement capability with a cost-effective transmitter package that can be installed right at the process measurement point.

The XMT868i works with clamp-on or wetted installations in hazardous environments, such as petrochemical and chemical processing.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Systems for Gas and Liquids

PanaFlow Z1G & Z2G

The PanaFlow ultrasonic flow meter systems are high-performance, affordable solutions for a variety of gas and liquid flow applications.

The Z1G provides a one-path configuration gas flow meter, while the Z2G is a two-path gas flow meter. Both offer a broad range that is accurate and reliable, and available in robust, sleek designs.

Three-path Wetted Meter for Liquids

PanaFlow Z3

The PanaFlow Z3 by Panametrics is a three-path wetted meter designed specifically for dependable, accurate, and repeatable flow measurement of process liquids. 

With a sleek industrial design and ultra-reliable electronics, it provides a top-of-the-line choice for process and industrial applications.  

Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter for Liquids

PanaFlow XMT1000

The PanaFlow XMT1000 is an ultrasonic flow transmitter for liquids that can be installed right at the process measurement point, providing users with accurate and reliable flow measurement. 

The XMT1000 is certified for hazardous installations, such as petrochemical and chemical processing, and supports multiple paths for more accurate measurement. 

panaflow ht
SIL-rated flow meter

PanaFlow HT SIL

The PanaFlow HT is a SIL-rated flow meter that offers the ability to take accurate measurements at the bottom of a refinery

The PanaFlow HT is ideal for delayed coker units, fluidic catalytic cracking, vacuum distillation, crackers, hydrotreaters, visbreakers, crude oil, and LNG, and is rated for hazardous areas and extreme processes with temperatures from -200C to 600C.

PanaFlow LZ Flowmeter
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter System for Liquids

PanaFlow LZ

The PanaFlow LZ is a complete ultrasonic flow meter system for liquid applications, leveraging the state-of-the-art XMT1000 electronics platform. Features include:

  • 0.5% accuracy
  • Field replaceable BWT and WT sensors
Steam Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter

DigitalFlow XGS868i

The DigitalFlow XGS868i steam flow transmitter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system designed to measure the mass flow rate of saturated or superheated steam. The XGS868i offers a combination of rangeability, ease of installation, low maintenance and accuracy in a low-cost transmitter.

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