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With decades of experience and expertise in machinery protection and condition monitoring, our sensor accessories, including adapters, connectors, and power supplies, expand in capability as our technologies evolve.

Our collection of sensor accessories rounds out our sensor offering with a variety of robust and reliable components that, when installed, protect your transducers, transmitters, and sensor cables over the lifetime of your equipment.

Our current portfolio of accessories offers a range of options from protective housings, junction boxes, and sensor mounting brackets and clamps, to wiring, flexible conduits, and conduit fittings. We also offer a selection of cables, cable protectors, and more.

In addition, Bently Nevada offers several test kits providing validation, calibration and machinery diagnostic simulations for training and educational purposes. 

Accessories Product Overview
Housings Options

Accessories -  Housings Options

Many of our products work best when they are protected with the right housing. We offer a variety of options, as well as cable and wiring to suit your needs.


  • Proximity sensor housings 
  • Velocity/acceleration sensor housings
  • Transducer and sensor cables and instrumentation wiring 
Related Products

Accessories - Related Products

Our Transducer Cables and Instrument Wiring provide a range of reliable options to accommodate a variety of installations. Bently Nevada† offers cables and wiring for velocity sensors (which come in convenient length increments), proximity transducers (which are customized to match your system's 'electrical length), accelerometer transducers (which also come in convenient lengths), and more.

Our accelerometers, velocity sensors, and encoders depend on protection from adverse physical and environmental conditions by our dependable water-tight and dust-resistant housings. An opening in the accelerometer’s base enables it to be mounted directly on the machine’s surface for optimal frequency response and all housings mate with flexible or rigid conduits. The sensor's housings are available in application-specific materials such as stainless steel and a variety of clamp configurations to accommodate the sensors.

When our Proximitor Sensors need protection from harsh environments we offer a variety of protective housings in various sizes. Our certified 3300 XL Multi-Purpose and Weather-Resistant Lockable Stainless Steel Water-Resistant Housings meet environmental ratings. Our explosion-proof North American-certified housings are approved for use in specified hazardous areas. Our water and corrosion-resistant fiberglass housings protect against corrosive, wet, and dusty environments.

Compatible Services

Accessories - Compatible Services

Bently Nevada offers the following services that will support your Sensor Accessories in keeping your machinery in the best condition.

  • System Maintenance & Availability 
  • Site Project Management 
  • Design, Installation & Commissioning 
Compatible Hardware

These accessories are made to help and protect these products.

Test Kits

Bently Nevada offers a range of test kits for system calibration requirements as well as kits for machinery simulations for research and development

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