Helping a global airline solve their aircraft ground support problems

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Customer type: A major global airline

Industry: Aerospace

Application: Ground support equipment

Solution: With expertise and support from Druck’s channel partner Instrumart, the customer used Druck’s Air Data Test Set (ADTS) to help solve their Aircraft ground support problems.




Instrumart’s customer, based in the United States, have a significant amount of commercial aircraft.  As a result, they have a very large fleet of ADTS equipment to calibrate the Pitot Static Systems on their aircraft. 

Customer’s challenge

Also referred to as Pitot Static testers, ADTS are used for testing calibrating airspeed and aircraft Pitot Static Systems. These test sets are incredibly useful tools and play a vital role when on-board instruments are manufactured, repaired, calibrated or integrated into an aircraft.

The calibration of measuring equipment is critical in the aviation industry to ensure quality, safety and aircraft performance. In some rare situations, the calibration routine may fail without any warning. Failures in this application can cause aircraft on ground (AOG) conditions, which are hugely costly to airlines and overall air framer credibility.

Due to a calibration failure, Instrumart’s customer was forced to ground some of their aircraft as they were unable to calibrate them pre-flight. 

To put their aircraft back into service and prevent further delays or cancellations in their planned itinerary, the company required an emergency solution to help fix their aircraft ground support problems. 

Following a review of the aircraft manufacturers maintenance manual requirements, it was decided that only a Druck ADTS553F Air Data Test unit could be used to calibrate the aircraft and certify it as fit for service.

Customer's solution

The major global airline turned to Instrumart, a Druck channel partner, for an immediate solution in order to avoid further AOG. 

Instrumart, a leading supplier of test and measurements instruments, were able to offer a rental solution on just 2 days’ notice, providing a quick way to use equipment without the high cost of ownership and equipment maintenance.

Knowledge of Druck’s product range allowed Instrumart to recognise Druck’s ADTS553F Air Data Test Set would give the customer a reliable and accurate solution, providing significant operational cost savings.


Picture 1: Druck ADTS 553F 

The ADTS553F Air Data Test Set is a portable three-channel flightline pitot static tester. It provides pitot static air data validation, leak testing, fault-finding and avionics instrumentation testing for any “Smart Probe” aircraft (such as the one in this situation) requiring angle of attack two off static-controlled channels, in addition to a pitot test channel. 

The ADTS553F Air Data Test Set can also be used as a standard two-channel flightline air data test set.  Customers can also benefit if they had a 2nd static channel that they wanted to calibrate at the same time as the first static channel.

Druck’s added value

The introduction of Druck’s ADTS553F provided the following benefits:

  • Superior technology, ensuring the highest levels of measurement accuracy across a wide operating temperature range.
  • For this type of aircraft, Druck’s Air Data Test Sets are recognised as having market leading product quality to provide the end customer with peace of mind during flight operations. 
  • Low cost of ownership - flexibility to rent for a limited period rather than face a large capital outlay.


Find out more about Druck's Air Data Test Sets (ADTS)


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