How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Chose your preferred format to contact a Druck team member below through local phone numbers, email for inquires and a contact form, our team is ready to collaborate with you.

How can Druck help you?

Call one of the local numbers in your language.

Phone numbers are dedicated to Sales inquiries only, please email/ fill out the form for additional requests.

Fill out the form to be contacted.

Email us at: or (copy and paste the email into your email provider) or click here.

Druck Technical support

If you require Technical Support from the Druck team, please email >


You can contact us on the numbers below, our form fill or please email us:


Americas - Americas email or call:

Brazil: +55 19 97169-1190 

Canada: +1 346 330 1150

Mexico: +52 812 474 1998

USA: +1 346 330 1150


Europe - Europe email or call:

France: + 33 562 88 82 50

Germany: +49 69 9675 8894

Netherlands: +31 334 678 950

UK: +44 800 023 2447 


MEATI - Middle East, Africa, Turkey or India email or call:

UAE: +97152 800 6765


Asia Pacific - email or call / wechat: 

China +86 800 9159 966 (landline) | +86 0 411 8366 6489 (mobile)


A Druck expert is ready to help with any of your challenges:

  • Schedule a complimentary hands-on session about Druck's equipment (online or onsite)
  • Learn "insider" tricks about testing and calibration
  • Let us know your measurement and sensor needs: Druck has several ranges and can customize a solution for you
  • If you require legacy product information 
  • We speak your language! Call one of our direct numbers above, or fill out the form in your language.

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For more information on Druck products or to reach a member of your local Druck team please click > here

You can contact the Druck Support Team > here