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The portables line from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers both ultrasonic liquid and gas clamp-on flow meters: The TransPort PT878GC for gas; and the TransPort PT900 for liquid. These ultrasonic flow meters utilize ultrasound to measure the velocity of a given fluid or gas -  also known as "flow" - and are used in a wide variety of fluid and gas applications, from wastewater and various fuels to natural gas and compressed air.

These meters attach to pipe fixtures to measure the flow within the pipe. Quick installation and meter readings enable our users to continue their process without having to shut down. The meter’s portability allows the device to move to numerous measurement locations, making it easy to spot-check the flow, verify the flow meter, or temporarily install the device.


TransPort® PT900

TransPort PT900 は、ポータブルな超音波液体クランプオン型フローメーターです。 パイプ設備に簡単に取り付けて、パイプ内のフローを測定できます。 ユーザーはパイプに切り込みを入れる必要はなく、遅延やダウンタイムは発生しません。 PT900 は他のメーターのスポットチェックや一時的な設置用の展開にも使用できます。

TransPort PT900 のアプリは、Android と iOS モバイルデバイス用があります。 - iOS 用アプリを取得 

Ultrasonic Clamp-On Gas Flow Meter

TransPort® PT878GC

The TransPort PT878 portable gas flow meter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for measuring most gases including: Natural gas, compressed air, fuel gases, erosive and corrosive gases, toxic gases, high-purity gases and air separation gases.

This flow meter can be installed in just minutes without needing to shut down, thus avoiding costly downtime. This ultrasonic technology works with gases at high or low pressure in pipes made of metal and most other materials.

Try our interactive product tour for the TransPort PT900!
Try our interactive product 3D tour for the PT900!

The PT900 is portable, simple to use, accurate, and fast. It’s easy for you to move it from location to location and task to task, so you can get more out of every minute of your day. And since it clamps onto the pipe exterior, there’s no need to cut into the pipe or stop the process while taking measurements.

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