MViQ video borescope demonstrating Real3D Measurement
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Video borescopes for better inspection

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A difference you can see

Upgrade your inspections with our innovative VideoProbes. With high resolution, flexibility, and value for the prices, our RVI solutions are designed to help you increase the quality of outputs and reduce downtime with precision and ease. Our video borescope solutions come InspectionWorks ready to streamline your inspection processes, are intrinsically safe, reliable, and ready to help you take your inspections to the next level.

Product overview

Rebranded MVIQ straight area depth profile
Everest Mentor Visual iQ

More uptime, no matter the industry

The first HD 3D measurement-enabled video borescope. On demand Real3D™ measurement and analytic capabilities, including blade counting and assisted defect recognition. On-device menu-directed workflows for easy data management and reporting. Ability to detect more, faster, from further away.

Mentor Flex video borescope product shot
Everest Mentor Flex

Creating value with better efficiency

Industry leading image quality and light output. Large 5.8” WXGA touchscreen display. Military grade durability. Updated design for powerful and responsive articulation. Latest menu-directed inspection (MDI 2.0)

Detect+ Video Borescope straight on
XL Detect and Detect+

Built for utility, quality, and productivity

Easy to use for many general inspections. Durable industrial design. Large 5” display (XL Detect+ only). Menu-directed inspection workflows (MDI V1.1).

VideoProbes for Remote Visual Inspection: Download the free brochure

Put the power of Remote Visual Inspection to work for you. Waygate Technologies' VideoProbes offer superior image quality for a wide range of industries and budgets.

Everest Mentor Flex video borescope used in an inspection of an engine.

accuracy image
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