Our AM Series Accelerometers are appropriate for condition monitoring of general purpose machinery.

The AM Series is certified for use in hazardous areas by the North American and European standards CSA, ATEX and IECEx.  Sensitivities are 100 mV/g ±5% or 500 mV/g ±10% across frequency ranges of 0.2 Hz to 14 kHz.

The AM Series models accommodate up to a maximum amplitude of 80 g peak.

Please review the AM Series Accelerometers Datasheet for detailed specifications.

Product Features

Product Features
Provides protective housing

Installed in 43217 (standard) or 37442 (high-temperature) housings to protect against adverse environmental conditions. Mounts the accelerometer onto the surface of the monitored component for optimal frequency response.

Offers cable options

Three interconnect cables available with a threaded female connector at the accelerometer end and terminal lugs at the monitor end. Standard cable suitable for most installations. Standard cable lengths range from 6 ft (1.8 m) to 99 ft (30 m). Non-standard lengths available as custom options.


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