Real-time health for all your production machinery

Bently HOST is a plantwide, outcome-based offering for industrial asset health management, delivering prescriptive advisories and actionable insights via a combination of state-of-the-art edge technology, advanced software analytics using System 1 APM, and expert support, all managed by Bently Nevada and offered as an all-in-one monthly subscription package.  

Bently HOST includes industry renowned Bently Nevada edge sensors and monitoring devices, a scalable, hosted cloud infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solution powered by artificial intelligence and failure mode analytics managed by machinery experts that allows operators to depend on their machines more with less expertise, time, and resources.  

The simple, all-in-one subscription allows organizations to unlock their operating spend and get proactive, data-driven asset health management insights to enable smarter operation and maintenance decisions, avoid costly plant downtime, optimize costs, and improve operational safety. 


  • Proactively manage and mitigate risks​

Through real time asset condition management supporting decision making process in operations and maintenance. Mitigate maintenance blind spots and exposure to financial, personnel and environmental risks​

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics powered by unmatched domain expertise and technology

Plant wide monitoring devices seamlessly connected to an integrated application platform powered by AI driven and knowledge driven analytics is leveraged by domain experts using a rich experience base to provide advisories that allow operators to depend on their machines more with less on-site expertise, time, and resources. ​

  • Lower barrier of entry to enable asset performance management​

An end-to-end, accessible investment for all organizations. Edge devices, infrastructure, analytic software and expert insights combined as a packaged, subscription-based offering to manage asset health and deliver actionable advisories across all plant assets. 

Total plant health from the company that knows machinery

Globally located machinery
diagnostic experts
Sensors installed globally
Global remote monitoring centers
Machines under management

How Bently HOST works

With a single monthly subscription fee, customers can still take advantage of all the Bently Nevada capabilities and data to make real-time decisions in support of a predictive maintenance program. 

  • Hosted software: Bently Nevada hosts and manages the software and hardware in a secure SaaS environment. This eliminates the investment in IT infrastructure and reduces the total cost of ownership of a condition monitoring program.
  • Data security and integrity: Data is secure and compliant with industry and regional cybersecurity standards. The customer owns and has access to their data at any time during their subscription period and includes Bently Nevada's decades of experience on systems integration and deploying cyber secure infrastructures.
  • Connectivity: Collect plantwide or enterprise-wide data from machinery with seamless connectivity to a comprehensive list of condition monitoring devices and sensors. Integrates with other systems and devices with standard industrial software connectors and exporters.
  • Advanced Analytics Detecting changes in condition before operational surprises with AI based models, physics models and rule-based failure mode analytics based on Bently Nevada's unparalleled experience in analyzing rotating, reciprocating and fixed equipment and the processes they aid. For all machinery where wireless vibration monitoring is a suitable solution, Bently Nevada capabilities are further enhanced by our partner Augury
  • Prescriptive Support  Expert services specifically focused on combining advanced analytics and application specific expertise to drive a proactive machinery management strategy with prescriptive, real-time recommendations helping operators understand which machines are at risk and when to take action.

Bently Nevada Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Plantwide outcome based solutions

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Managed Technology

Allows industrial operators to focus on driving asset performance without the cost and expertise required to manage digital infrastructure

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Applied Expertise

Assists industrial operators with additional technical capacity to augment their existing asset health focused functions

Outcomes Delivered

Outcomes Delivered

Enables industrial operators to focus on delivering their operational & maintenance KPIs, not complex data and systems

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