Since 1972, Druck, a Baker Hughes company, has designed and manufactured some of the most accurate and reliable pressure measurement solutions on the market. We provide tailored solutions to address our customers' challenges. With our innovative and high-performance pressure sensing devices, instruments, software, and solutions, we perform the highest standard of safety, quality, and delivery for industries all over the world.

Our multi-functional and experienced engineers can not only satisfy OEM challenges in the Environmental Monitoring, Oil and Gas, Automotive test, and Aerospace industries, but they can also meet the needs of a range of other industrial challenges. A partnership with Druck offers access to a team of experts in their fields who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.

Additionally, Druck's in-country Field Application Engineers provide expert support and capture customer requirements for our Product Development Centers (PDC) to sample, design, and manufacture customized sensors.

Druck's pressure technologies provide peace of mind that you are getting the reliable data that you need to make the rights decisions to keep your business and equipment running efficiently.

Druck Pressure Sensor Industries
Aerospace: traditional aerospace, emerging markets and Space

Whether it be health restrictions, soaring fuel costs, conflicts, or the effects of air travel on the environmental crisis, the Aerospace industry has never faced as many challenges as it does today. After 50 years of pushing the boundaries of pressure and temperature measurement innovation, we are already engaged with our customer to address the demands of tomorrow.

Our Aerospace team is an integrated, multi-functional team of talented mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers with hundreds of years of collective experience in delivering high-quality designs to all areas of the marketplace.


When it comes to data gathering in industrial applications like Automotive, there are three key areas to consider test applications, on-vehicle test, and engine test cells. As a result, our sensor technology has been developed to support some of the most rigorous, challenging, and precise applications. 

To operate effectively in test applications, you need confidence in the reliability of your instrumentation. On-vehicle testing means dealing with limited space, rapid changes in temperature, and high-vibration environments. Engine test cells are also challenging environments, producing dust, dirt, and corrosive materials. Druck provides durability and robust design as well as speed, precision, accuracy, and robust construction to ensure your needs are satisfied.

Energy Transition

Druck engineers and experts work hard to meet the everchanging demands of energy. Our mission is to deliver the highest efficiency energy solutions to our customers. Druck's advanced powergen technologies transform fuel into a significant energy source.

Druck's range of pressure sensors provide high performance in power generation. We leverage innovation to enable our customers to successfully operate through our modular designs, safety capabilities, and ultimate accuracy and stability.

Climate Change: hydrology, meteorology, and oceanography

We provide solutions in hydrology, meteorology, and oceanography and aid climate change discoveries with our pressure sensors. Our high stability, low power consumption, and robust design of our pressure sensors help our customers achieve the results they are looking for while keeping the environment in mind.

There are many challenges, but Druck meets them head on by designing and building components and solutions that can perform and stay stable in the most hostile of environments.

Semiconductor and Electronics

The Semiconductor and Electronics industries continue to experience significant growth. That’s why Druck provides high quality and reliable pressure sensors to ensure processes in manufacturing run smoothly. 

  • Lithography – Avoid overheating with Druck pressure sensors, such as with the TERPS8100, a standard pressure sensor to major lithography tool maker companies around the world.
  • Deposition – Control chemical vapor deposition (CVD) with accurate, high-temperature pressure sensors, such as the ADROIT6200.
  • Dry Etching – Our solutions can be used during dry etching to help control pressure in the mass flow controller (MFC) and gas box systems to achieve very accurate gas flow control.
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) – Druck UNIK5000 configurable sensors coupled with Druck’s Pressure Indicator and Loop Calibrator is ideal for constant control of pressure sensor applications to achieve consistent results during CMP process.

Throughout all facets of Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing, constant, reliable, and accurate pressure sensors ensure a quality final product. With Druck you can feel secure that your projects are of the highest quality.

Transportation, Automotive, Off-Highway and Motorsports

Druck provides pressure sensors for more than traditional Automotive vehicles. We also support railway trains, trucks, off-highway and heavy vehicles, and tractors.

Trucks, off-highway and heavy vehicles, and tractors production lines face similar–if not enhanced–challenges on performing engine test, on-vehicle test and engine test cells.

Oil & Gas

Druck reduces risks and improves operational performance in the Oil and Gas industry. Our pressure sensors provide a high level of accuracy over a wide range of operating temperatures. We make it easier for our customers to integrate our pressure sensors into different oil and gas environments.

Our pressure sensors’ excellent stability allows accuracy to be maintained over a longer period, which provides our customers with financial savings in the long run.

Heavy Machinery Applications

Druck engineers have been working over the past year in many other industries, such as:

  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Agriculture
  • Other mechanical-engineering industries around the world

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