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Leading global motorsport teams have trusted Druck's pressure sensors for many years due to the performance, speed and reliability our sensors provide, which is of paramount importance in the motorsport arena.

Druck can provide pressure and temperature sensors that meet the demands of the size, weight and material constraints required by the teams for a variety of applications and fluids including fuels, oils, coolant, and hydraulic system pressures, in demanding environments with high temperatures and vibration levels.

The success in motorsport depends on hundreds of components working together, under the stress and challenge of extreme conditions. Each component needs to be rigorously, and accurately, tested to ensure measurements are within specification. With an array of high-performance pressure calibrators and handheld indicators for in-house or track side testing and diagnostic use, it is time to consider Druck as your partner in motorsport.




Druck Partnership with Elite Sensors

With a strong track record in the harshest environments, including the Motorsport sector, we’re pleased to announce our new partnership with the UK design and manufacturing team of Elite Sensors Ltd.

Elite Sensors portfolio of sensors and interface units can withstand the toughest of environments including extreme temperature, pressure, and vibration. Alongside their standard product range, they offer a bespoke design service to ensure they meet the needs of their customers.

Learn more by visiting Elite Sensors website.

4400 High-Performance Pressure Sensor

The 4400 Series has been “fine-tuned” in design to suit all chassis and engine pressure measurement requirements.

High Performance Pressure Sensor

  • 12.5mm Diameter
  • Up to 175॰C Operating Temperature range
  • Amplified voltage pressure Output
  • Pressure ranges up to 600 bar
  • Race Proven Technology.
4400T High-Performance Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensor

We're excited about our latest innovation, the 4400T, a combined pressure and temperature sensor, developed specifically for Motorsport and designed to suit all chassis and engine pressure measurement applications.  The 4400T is the next evolution of our highly successful 4400 series, used widely for many years throughout the Motorsport sector.  

The 4400T offers all the benefits of a small, highly accurate pressure sensor with the added benefit of a Pt1000 temperature sensor. Combining pressure and temperature measurements provides race engineers with several key benefits:

  • First and foremost, the 4400T provides unrivaled levels of accuracy and reliability across pressure and temperature measurement.
  • The 4400T mass is less than that of two independent sensors and consumes less real estate, which simplifies installation.
  • Wiring looms are also simplified, further reducing mass and complexity.
  • In addition, the measurement of pressure and temperature is taken in the same location resulting in more consistent data.
4300 Series Pressure Sensor

The PDCR/PMP 4300 Series delivers high performance across all chassis and engine pressure measurement requirements.

  • 17.5mm diameter
  • Millivolt and amplified output options
  • Up to 175॰C compensated Temperature range
  • Available in Stainless steel or Titanium
  • Multiple pressure and electrical connector options
4200 Series Pressure Sensor

In the line-up of our Motorsport pressure sensor range, the 4200 series leverages Druck's motorsport product legacy and new developments in digital processing to deliver a high-performance and cost-effective pressure sensor for the professional motorsport market. This new voltage output pressure sensor comes in a fully welded 19mm diameter stainless steel enclosure. It offers multiple pressure connectors to suit most motorsport applications and comes with a meter of high temperature cable as standard to terminate as required.

  • 19mm diameter
  • Amplified voltage output
  • -40 to 125°C Compensated temperature range
  • Stainless steel construction
Test & Calibration in Motorsport

At the heart of Druck's portables are pressure sensors manufactured inhouse, these sensors determine the level of accuracy and stability of your unit. As one of the few calibration equipment OEMs who manufacture our own sensors, Druck knows that this is the most effective way to deliver instrument accuracy and stability that you need in your motorsport application:

  • The DPI705E handheld indicator provides accuracy and reliability combined with a rugged design, a perfect solution for essential test and measurement in motorsport applications. When paired with a tire pressure hose, the DPI705E becomes a fast and easy to use device for race critical tire pressure monitoring
  • The DPI611 a high accuracy handheld pressure calibrator which is ideal for engine testing due to its 0.0185% FS accuracy. With fast acting pressure generation up to 20 bar within 30 seconds, on vehicle test and calibration can be performed with confidence.
  • The DPI620 Genii Multifunction calibrator is the ideal, high accuracy solution for any motorsport application involving measuring, sourcing, and stimulating electrical, frequency, temperature, and pressure. The Genii is truly the all-in-one test and calibration solution, reducing the need for additional units through its enhanced capabilities

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Druck provides high-performance sensors, test, and calibration equipment for Motorsport. We are ready to partner with you on your next project. Contact us to learn more.

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