Condition Monitoring for Mining Manufacturing

Reliability is Key

Condition Monitoring for Mining

Bently Nevada offers a wide range of condition monitoring solutions for the mining industry. Learn how our condition monitoring software and equipment can keep your industry up and running. Reduce downtime and increase profitability with our advanced predictive maintenance solutions.


Addressing Today’s Challenges

As the global business climate continues to evolve, we are experiencing an environment ripe with challenges yet equally rich with opportunities. The mining industry is no exception. Environmental policies have never been more stringent–or as influential.

The industry’s economic landscape continues to shift as well. Billions of dollars of global investment in mining infrastructure is helping to support—and spur—demand in developing countries. Process improvements are fundamental to compete successfully in a growing international mining marketplace where developed countries must compete with lower costs in other parts of the world.

Reliability is the Key

Unreliable assets have enormous consequences. What if your assets could consistently operate at or above their rated capacities, for a greater percentage of total hours each year, all while spending less money on maintenance? That’s exactly what today’s best companies have discovered how to do.

Bently Nevada is a forward-thinking thoughtful leader in developing condition monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions our customers need to operate more efficiently and profitably while reducing their environmental footprint. Our goal is to help industries thrive and communities prosper. 

A Trusted Business Partner

A name synonymous with quality around the world, Bently Nevada is a trusted global partner for mining companies large and small. With a broad range of products and services for each step of the mining process, Bently Nevada’s integrated solutions and unique expertise help manage and overcome important challenges in an ever-evolving industry, while ensuring the responsible and sustainable resource savings our customers across the globe have come to expect. Through innovation, breakthrough technology, and dedicated teams of global experts, we help you successfully compete—and win—in today’s mining industry.

We can help mining customers to:

  • Meet environmental compliance
  • Provide safe, healthy workplaces
  • Optimize production
  • Maximize yield
  • Ensure asset protection
  • Drive down product costs

Mining Bently Nevada

Mining: Why digital innovation is vital

How to capture the skyrocketing demand for minerals with increased operational efficiency via predictive maintenance technology.

In this paper, we’ve outlined an innovative way forward for mining companies, built on proven and extensive industry experience. Our goal is to inform, enable, and support mining companies, help them meet their goals and collectively build a stronger, greener future for all.

Mining Solutions from Bently Nevada

Condition and Protection Monitoring
Hardware Monitoring Solutions

Different assets, different approaches

Not all assets are created equal. Some, such as trucks/haulers, boilers, refiners, gearboxes, turbine generators and compressors are critical to operations. Others, such as small pumps, fans, motors, presses, mixers, and equipment with spare or backup units installed, may be less critical. And still others have less impact on safety or production, with only maintenance costs as the primary consideration. As such, a variety of condition monitoring products and approaches are required.

Hardware Monitoring Solutions

From sensors (wired and wireless), to portables, or online condition and/or protection monitors Bently has the right asset coverage you need for your machines.


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