Safeguarding the health of the machines that matter most

With complex machinery driving modern industry, a streamlined machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance program play a vital role in the health of your machinery and your business.  

Bently Nevada invented vibration analysis six decades ago, pioneering a new era in the monitoring and protection of critical industrial assets. Along with our expertise in the asset condition monitoring and protection field, we offer a comprehensive line of machine monitoring systems and asset protection services. No matter what your industry, you can trust Bently Nevada to keep your most critical machinery healthy, running, and accurately diagnosed.   

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Machinery protection and sensing solutions

Machinery Protection Systems

Machinery Protection Systems

Protect your critical machine assets with Bently Nevada's line of online machinery protection systems. Our systems continually monitor the vibration levels of your critical assets, alerting you or even shutting down equipment if predetermined levels are exceeded. These systems go well beyond essential protection function, allowing for long-term asset health monitoring and advanced maintenance planning for timely & cost-effective intervention before faults occur. 

AHM Sensors

AHM Sensors

Across the board, Bently Nevada's industrial sensors help you maintain your equipment, giving you peace of mind knowing your system is monitored closely. Sensor technology is advancing, and with Bently Nevada you will have top of the line asset management, minimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing production. 

Our Sensors portfolio continues to maintain Bently Nevada’s standard of excellence across an array of options that include industrial sensor accessories and components that will help you protect and monitor your equipment.

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