High accuracy resonant pressure sensor

The RPS/DPS 8100 incorporates the exciting new TERPS technology. TERPS is a resonant silicon pressure sensor technology platform that provides an order of magnitude greater accuracy and stability than current standard pressure measurement technologies.

In addition to providing the performance and packaging improvements available with TERPS, the RPS/DPS 8100 product line takes advantage of best practices to offer a wide range of pressure and electrical connections to enable a level of customization for your specific requirements never before available in the performance class of this sensor.

The combination of the power of the TERPS technology and the quality, reliability and flexibility of the RPS/DPS 8100 Series offers a truly unique solution for high accuracy and high stability pressure measurement requirements.

Datasheets - RPS8100 /DPS8100

  • High precision, ±0.01% FS over compensated temperature range
  • High stability, ±50 ppm FS/year (typical)
  • Wide temperature range, up to -55 to +125°C (-67 to 257°F)
  • Multiple output configurations, RS232, RS485, USB 2.0, CANBus, Frequency & Diode (TTL)
  • Wide selection of pressure and electrical connections to suit specific requirements
  • Low acceleration effects

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