PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator

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A cost-effective solution for your calibration needs.

The PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot-statics, compliant with reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) requirements.

A separate pressure/vacuum supply unit type PV 103 provides suitable pneumatic supplies.

Fully programmable for a wide range of fixed or rotary wing aircraft, the PACE6000-ADC enables vital flight instrumentation, such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate of climb indicators, Mach meters and air data computers to be quickly and accurately tested.

The PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator has been designed for 483 mm (19 in) rack mounting and being only 132 mm (5.2in) (3U) high with a range of IEEE 488 interfaces available it is ideal for use with existing automatic test equipment (ATE) systems.

The new PACE pneumatic modular pressure controller brings together the latest control and measurement technology from Druck to offer an elegant, fast, flexible and economical solution to pressure control for automated production or test and calibration applications.

Datasheets - PACE 6000-ADC

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Why should you buy a PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator?

Druck's PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator has the same market leading performance in terms of speed to setpoint, control stability, sensor accuracy and volume control as the rest of the PACE range.

Due to the unique and flexible self-contained control module system, units can be reconfigured and expanded quickly and easily to meet any application requirements.

PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator can be seamlessly integrated into automated systems

The PACE6000-ADC Air Data Calibrator also ensures safe operation with go to ground capabilities to avoid damage to the device under test. 

PACE6000 chassis


  • Easy to use color touch screen display
  • Can be used with any interchangeable PACE CM control module as a bench top or rack mounted pressure controller
  • Intuitive task driven menu
  • Leak test
  • Test program
  • Multi language – any additional language to suit specific requirements can easily be translated and downloaded RS232, IEEE connectivity, ethernet and USB as standard
PACE CM – high speed pressure control module
  • Interchangeable robust control module that is easily installed into a PACE chassis
  • Calibration data stored in the control module (only the CM needs to be sent away for recalibration)
  • High speed pressure contro
Aeronautical control


  • Simultaneous control of calibrated airspeed and altitude with a “go to ground” function.
  • Indication and control available in pure aeronautical units:
  • Altitude – feet or meters
  • Air Speed – knots or km/hour, mph
  • Mach – mach number
  • Rate of climb – feet or meters/minute, second

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