Piezo resistive pressure/temperature

In house design, manufacture of MEMS sensing elements encompassing any full scale pressure from 0.1 mbar/0,001 psi to 1500 bar/20000 psi across temperature ranges for -40° to 250°C/-40° to 482°F.


Resonant pressure/temperature

Designed for applications, which require ultra high stability, the trench etched resonant pressure sensor (TERPS) is the leading edge technology providing quartz performance levels with the benefits of a piezo resistive package.


Custom Product Design

In house custom product design team are available to support customers with the design and development of unique solutions that could not be fulfilled with our standard product range.


Welding processes

The leading specialists in the design and manufacture of sensors, using an electron beam welding technique of exotic materials for high temperature/high pressure process and hyperbaric pressures for subsea applications.


Mechanical packaging

The leading mechanical specialist in the design of complex coplanar mechanical sensor assemblies in a broad range of challenging harsh environment sensor applications.

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