Orbit Distributed Condition Monitoring (DCM) is Bently Nevada's premier edge monitoring and asset management solution for all balance of plant machinery assets. Orbit DCM is compact, cybersecure, with an easy-to-install design enabling an optimized condition monitoring solution with both greater channel counts and supported sensor types. Its advanced features meet today’s machine application requirements and will support your asset health programs of tomorrow as well. Its seamless connectivity to System 1 software enables an innovative, single ecosystem for plantwide machinery management, or fleetwide via Cordant™ Asset Health.

Orbit DCM


Orbit DCM Solution

Accels (standard & dual, ICP/IEPE 10mA)
Speed, keyphasor
Proximity (via external power)
Process (0-5V) -  Temperature, pressure, process
Orbit DCM

•Direct, bias, speed, gap, RMS


•Waveforms, spectrums, overall, peak extractions


•1 second alarm and state processing


•On board storage

Orbit DCM
System 1 software

•Condition monitoring


•HMI display


•Trended values + waveform/spectrums


•Alerts and alarms


•Machine to plantwide

System 1 Screen

Detailed capabilities
Key Features
Compact and easy to install
Cybersecure (IEC 64223) with built-in Tamper detection
Simultaneous 16 channel data sampling
Configurable channels supports variety of transducers
4 Keyphasor channels for Synchronous sampling
Support for use with single PC or network
3 Wired Ethernet connections
RS485 interface for Serial Communication
24-bit A/D conversion with high precision
Offline Data storage on communication loss
Supports 2 wire IEPE/ICP accelerometers (10mA)
Multiple user configurable waveforms per channel
Configurable setpoints with alarming and events
Machine operating state-based data storage and alarming
Modbus (Server & Client) support (RTU, TCP)
Data and Measurements
Direct, Bias, Speed, Gap, RMS
Spectral overall, energy, Peak extractions
User configurable windowing
Up to:
           40kHz max frequency
           32k sample waveforms
           12,800 lines spectral resolution

•4 severity levels

•1 second evaluation

•In/out of band, over/under setpoints, state based

•High resolution data for every alarm 

State Based
Up to 12 states (user defined)
1 second evaluation
Data Storage
User configurable (≥30 sec)
All channels, states, alarms
Internal 8 GB storage (7 day min)
Pre and post alarm spectra


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