Machinery Monitoring Systems
Machinery Monitoring Systems
Bently Nevada offers condition monitoring systems for plantwide machine monitoring protection.
Why Machine Condition Monitoring?

With complex machinery driving modern industry, a streamlined machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance program play a vital role in the health of your machinery and your business. At Bently Nevada†, our history in the asset condition monitoring and protection field speaks for itself. With over 50 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive line of machine monitoring systems and asset protection services. No matter what your industry, you can trust Bently Nevada to keep your most critical machinery healthy, running, and accurately diagnosed.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

Bently Nevada’s advanced Machinery Monitoring Systems provide the following benefits:

  • Timely and Relevant Data Acquisition
  • Advanced Analysis and Visualizations
  • Accurate Machinery Condition Diagnosis
  • Early Fail Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance Planning
  • Extended Machine Life
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs and Downtime
  • Maximized Production
  • Comprehensive Plantwide Asset Management

Oil and Gas Machinery Plant with Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring Systems
How In-Depth is Your Asset Monitoring Program?
Your critical machinery needs monitoring from multiple viewpoints

For some applications, a simple vibration sensor maybe all that you need, but with today’s production demands and the complexity of emerging technology – never mind the increased threats to your bottom line in the form of outages and repairs – to attain a truly proactive machinery management system, you need all the data you can get. In short, you need Bently Nevada's condition monitoring solutions on your team.

system 1 condition monitoring software
System 1 Connectivity
The best software for the best condition monitoring

Protecting your critical machinery with our family of sensors is an important step. But there’s more to effective asset management than just protection. Our sensors work flawlessly with our powerful System 1 software, allowing totally proactive condition monitoring and in-depth diagnostics. Move beyond just protecting your machinery to proactively managing it. You’ll turn unplanned outages into manageable, planned maintenance downtime.

condition monitoring Machinery Expertise
Over 8MM Sensors Deployed on Machinery Worldwide
Customers who expect the best turn to Bently Nevada

With over six million sensors installed worldwide, 80,000 3500 Machinery Protection Systems deployed around the globe, and more than 10,000 software solutions currently in use, more end-users trust their machinery to Bently Nevada* than anyone else.

Today, although our products number in the thousands, we never rest. Each year, tens of millions of dollars are invested in expanding and improving our technology with the purpose of better serving our customers. Better technology that creates better value is our passion.

Machine Diagnostics System
ADRE Portable Diagnostic System Saves Power Plant 225K per day

ADRE portable diagnostic systems help determine the root cause of vibration 

At a 240 MW power generation plant, high vibration levels were discovered using a Bently Nevada ADRE 408. Through the diagnosis, damaged turbine blades were discovered and were replaced. With the root cause of the high vibration level identified quickly, a catastrophic failure was avoided, and the customer avoided over 225K of lost production.

Bently Nevada Machinery Monitoring Solutions
Condition Monitoring

Bently Nevada's online condition monitoring systems allow you to perform long-term monitoring of your assets' health, enabling planning for timely & cost-effective intervention, before faults occur. Bently Nevada offers a comprehensive suite of condition monitoring hardware paired with the industry's most innovative condition monitoring softwareSystem 1.

Featured Solutions:

Trendmaster - Continuous Vibration Monitoring System 

Ranger Pro - Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor System 

SCOUT - Portable Vibration Analyzers & Data Collectors

vbOnline Pro - Gear Train & Roller Bearing Vibration Monitoring

Wireless Condition Monitoring

Bently Nevada's Ranger Pro offers a wireless vibration sensor and condition monitoring system that allows users to collect exceptional condition monitoring data from hard-to-reach machines or hazardous areas, without the need for expensive field wiring. The data quality is so good that diagnosis can generally be made directly, without the need for portable devices to acquire additional data.

Ranger Pro - Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor System (with Triaxial Sensors)

Machinery Protection

Protect your critical machine assets with Bently Nevada's line of online machinery protection systems. Our systems continually monitor the vibration levels of your critical assets, alerting you or even shutting down equipment if predetermined levels are exceeded. These systems go well beyond essential protection function, allowing for long-term asset health monitoring and advanced maintenance planning for timely & cost-effective intervention before faults occur. 

Distributed Vibration Monitoring

Distributed systems are designed to be mounted close to the machine they are monitoring thereby reducing costly field wiring. They then use networks to bring data in from multiple devices for central monitoring. The comprehensive Bently Nevada range of distributed condition monitoring systems covers the spectrum from high-performance protection systems to cost-effective wireless condition monitoring solutions. 

See all of our Distributed Machine Condition Monitoring and Protection Systems

Featured Solutions

vbOnline Pro - Gear Train & Bearing Vibration Monitoring Device

Trendmaster Pro - Online Vibration Monitoring System for Medium Criticality Machinery

1900/65A - Equipment Monitoring System

2300 -  2-Channel Vibration Monitor

Orbit 60 - Advanced Machine Condition Monitoring and Protection System

Portable Vibration Analyzers & Data Collectors

Our extensive family of portable data collectors and analyzers allow you to take our powerful diagnostic capabilities to all assets in your plant. Their advanced processing typically allows existing faults to be diagnosed quickly, or even detected months before intervention is required. And all this at a cost-per-asset that no other technology can compete with.

Learn how our portable vibration monitoring systems and equipment give you more options for asset condition monitoring.

Featured Solutions:

SCOUT: Portable Vibration Analyzer

ADRE: Data Acquisition & Machine Diagnostic System 

Rack-Based Solutions

These are centralized systems, in which sensor wiring is routed back to a modular monitoring system mounted in a control room or cabinet. Bently Nevada has two separate choices in our rack monitoring system types, the industry-proven and tested 3500, and the soon-to-be-released Orbit 60 - the future of machinery monitoring.

Featured Solutions

3500 - Machinery Protection System 

Orbit 60 - Next Generation Rack-Based or Distributed Online Condition Monitoring & Protection System

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