Proactive Supporting Services

Proactive Supporting Services


Our supporting service-level offerings are designed to maximize the value of your investment in asset protection and monitoring systems. The entire agreement covers everything from in-house technical support and troubleshooting and software update management to fully managed supporting services from service providers covering probe tips and machinery health reports — and everything in between. We ensure your system is healthy, available, up-to-date, secure, and optimized.

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Proactive Supporting Services Features
Supporting Service Agreements

Our proactive care managed service packages are designed to get the most out of your production assets and their condition monitoring systems. Our asset care service programs are fully customizable to meet your specific business needs in critical areas such as:

  • Remote or onsite asset health services
  • Software configuration, updates, and optimization
  • Monitoring system health and maintenance
  • Skills development
  • Cybersecurity
Information technology, IT services, and software support

A comprehensive service plan which provides world-class customer support helping customers on issue resolution, software upgrades, and cyber security updates. Today, you need to be more proactive than ever in keeping your technology and data safe.

The Maintenance & Support Agreement consists of three offerings- BasicEssential, and Premier which include:

  • Software Updates 
  • Technical Support
  • License & Entitlement
  • Training
Outage & Call-Out Services

“Is it a real machine problem? Or just a bad sensor?”

Bently Nevada Systems and Instrumentation engineers have been expertly trained to help with troubleshooting and optimization of systems. During regular plant operations or as part of a planned outage/turn-around activity our call-out maintenance services are focused on keeping customers operating and ensuring maximum availability and quality of data for critical assets and processes.

Hosted Solutions

Bently Nevada hosted solutions deliver all the mission-critical condition monitoring and asset health insight benefits you require without the need for your personnel to maintain, update, or even operate the system.  We’ll fully manage, maintain, and keep up to date all components of the monitoring system while providing secure and uninterrupted access for your reliability and operational personnel to use, or we can include our expert remote monitoring and diagnostics to deliver clear and actionable machinery condition health reports as conditions change and develop.  

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