Remote Condition Monitoring and Machine Diagnostics

Remote Condition Monitoring and Machine Diagnostics

Get the machine health insights you need for timely and accurate predictive maintenance planning 

Whether it be continuous asset health monitoring and analysis to support maintenance, outage planning, or time-critical response to trip events, we ensure you get the most accurate, timely, and actionable asset health insights and real-time data to make the best decisions as part of your maintenance program.

From providing onsite or remote machinery condition monitoring, program startup, and operational support to developing custom analytics unique to your operational needs, Bently Nevada is committed to delivering the highest quality machinery health, monitoring programs, and monitoring solutions available.

Trends in Industry

What is remote condition monitoring and diagnostics?

Expert machinery monitoring, diagnostics, and performance analytics are performed offsite and delivered remotely via secure connections to provide timely and actionable insights that help teams improve operations, mitigate unplanned downtime, and bridge onsite personnel gaps.

Asset Health & Consulting Services Features
Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

RM&D services deliver professional Bently Nevada asset condition monitoring and analysis as well as system health monitoring, minimizing the need for costly site visits. Whether it be scheduled periodic data review or real-time continuous monitoring and event-based review, our RM&D solutions are tailor-made to suit your specific condition-based maintenance and machine condition monitoring needs in order to obtain a full facility condition assessment.

Secure, Flexible, Connectivity Options:

  • System 1 Remote Monitoring
  • Archive Data Review
  • Remote System 1 Hosting
  • Remote ADRE/Scout Connection

Bently Nevada is ready to support you, giving you the peace of mind to know that your assets are closely monitored at this critical time, and helping you to keep your machinery and plant available.

Machinery Diagnostics Services

Our comprehensive line of machinery diagnostic services (MDS), delivered by an experienced team of field engineers, offers unbiased expertise on both rotating and reciprocating machinery, regardless of original equipment manufacturer. 

  • On-site rotating machinery diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Remote rotating equipment, MDS and troubleshooting
  • Machinery startup/turnaround assistance
  • Condition monitoring system optimization
  • Field and shop rotor balancing
  • Rotordynamic modeling
  • Machinery failure analysis
  • Reciprocating machinery diagnostics
  • Specification consulting
  • Machinery diagnostics training



Partnering with customers, our team of experienced asset health and performance experts professionally design, develop, and implement custom analytics that deliver critical machine and process insights for predictive and preventive maintenance.  

  • Core: condition monitoring alarming, state analysis, core data extractions
  • Decision support: custom algorithms, advanced data extractions
  • Machinery packs: thermodynamic performance


Troubleshooting Roller Element Bearings

When managing your rotating machinery's overall health, the lubrication and condition of your rolling element bearings play a critical role. A single bearing failure can cause machine abnormalities or shutdown, resulting in maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, and production loss.

MDS Facts

Machinery Diagnostic Team

Today, our machinery diagnostic services suite, condition monitoring techniques, and capabilities keep growing, with over 140 engineers and even more customer-focused solutions. MDS expertise means decades of experience, with a combined 1,250+ years serving Bently Nevada customers, with over 18,000 successful condition monitoring system challenges resolved, over 320 subscription services agreements lodged, and a milestone of over 260,000 cases solved to date.

There is no other condition monitoring, vibration monitoring, or vibration analysis company offering the same level of expertise as the Bently Nevada MDS team. MDS is proud to partner with customers in solving the most complex machinery issues in the world—and we look forward to your next challenge.

MDS Success Stories

lube oil seal retrofitted
China Coal Chemical Facility Avoids Extra Downtime

China coal chemical facility avoids extra downtime—unbalance with a CO compressor

3500 Rack
Detection and Validation of Rolling Element Bearing Fault

Increasing vibration triggered software alarms on a motor running an NGL pump on an offshore processing platform.

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