Orbit 60 Series is the future of machinery asset protection, condition monitoring and advanced diagnostics. Look beyond just protection.

Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s next generation of machinery protection and condition monitoring designed to be the most advanced system for all your critical machinery assets, as well as your plantwide assets, across a wide range of industrial applications.

Orbit 60 Series is built on a fully distributable architecture that allows you to monitor all your assets regardless of complexity or location and is intrinsically cyber secure.

When combined with System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostics software, Orbit 60 Series will provide users the ability to create proactive maintenance and fleet management programs for maximum productivity and cost reduction. 

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You spoke.  We listened.

Orbit 60 is not just the result of 60 years of know-how.  It’s the result of more than 200 focused customer engagements where we asked you directly what you needed in a new platform.  You told us clearly your three biggest requirements:

  • A cybersecure solution for both machinery protection and condition monitoring.  A solution that satisfied the needs of not just machinery engineers, but the OT and IT worlds in which data must move.
  • A reduction in installation costs by allowing more flexibility in where the system was located and how many wires had to be pulled.
  • An easier and more cost-effective way to deliver machinery data to the process control and monitoring ecosystem.

To keep us laser-focused on these customer imperatives, and the resulting technologies, we introduced three new concepts to embody them: Orbit conneX™ (Future Release), Orbit aXess™, and Orbit Xtend™ – revolutionary capabilities unique not just to Orbit 60, but to the industry. And amidst all this innovation, we stayed true to our roots: the unwavering quality, value, and performance that you have come to rely on from Bently Nevada.

The new Orbit 60 series

Bently Nevada’s next generation condition monitoring, protection and data integration platform.

Orbit 60 Rack
Why Orbit 60? Why Now?

At Bently Nevada, we pride ourselves on our history of industry-leading machine protection and condition monitoring solutions. 

Orbit 60 machine health monitoring and protection device condition monitoring predictive maintenence orbit 60 bently nevada
A data secure condition monitoring system

Technological advancements have led to the constant generation of massive data sets in the oil and gas industry. 

Orbit 60
Now – Less Spares!!

How to Choose Input Modules

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Orbit 60 Series Update

System Fundamentals - Output Cards

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Orbit 60 Series Update: Q1 2021

Cyber Secure Condition Monitoring!

Orbit 60
Orbit 60 Series Update: Q2 2021

Orbit 60 Configuration Software

Orbit 60

Considerations for 3500 owners interested in Orbit 60

Orbit 60

Thanks in part to the forward-thinking, robust design of the 3500, many of our customers have enjoyed industry-leading condition monitoring for the better part of 30 years.  Bently Nevada’s flagship monitoring system, 3500, will continue to be supported in coming years and well into the future; the 3500 is currently in full product support status, with new features and functionality in development.  And while the 3500 has upgrade capabilities baked-in to its architecture, there are cases where it makes sense to consider the Orbit 60 versus a revision to your existing 3500 fleet.

To help in determining if the Orbit 60 is right for you, please contact us:

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Orbit 60 Series The Future of Machinery Condition Monitoring
Orbit 60 Series Product Features

Orbit 60 Series protection and condition monitoring system is a flexible, scalable platform for continuous, online monitoring of your most critical machinery as well as all other machine assets used in plant-wide processes, all available in a single comprehensive system.


  • Plant-wide: The Orbit 60 Series Protection and Condition Monitoring System provides one continuous, online monitoring system for both critical and plant-wide applications.
  • Cyber Secure: Orbit 60 Series is the first intrinsically cyber-secure machinery monitoring system. With the built-in data isolation in the condition monitoring module from the protection system and plant network, the Orbit 60 connects seamlessly to your condition monitoring software for proactive monitoring and diagnostics.
  • API 670 Protection -SIL Certified
  • Distributed Architecture: With Orbit 60 Series's distributed architecture, connection of multiple chassis through Bridge modules decreases overall electrical installation costs and reduces analog ground loops and noise issues. 
  • Industry Leading Capabilities: With over twice the current industry standard, one System Interface Module(SIM) defines a system of up to 80 dynamic channels and all modules are configured through the single SIM. 
  • High Speed Process Data Integration: Next generation architecture facilitates full bidirectional communications with plant control systems over a suit of standard protocols. This capability allows full clarity across the machine train uniting machinery, process, and control system data in one platform.

Engineered and designed with the customer in mind, the Orbit 60 is the leading innovator in the marketplace for the next generation of protection and condition monitoring with a secure data integration platform.


Orbit 60 Series Chassis Modules are inserted into the rear of the chassis, with wiring connections assembled from the rear. The front side of the rack is provisioned for status LEDs, connectors, Config/Run key, reset button, and Ethernet connections. Chassis are available in three types: 3U 10 slot, 3U 19 slot, and 6U 28 slot. 

19" Chassis (EIA rail-mount, panel-cutout-mount, or bulkhead mount) 

  • 6U "double height" holds more channels than 3500 but fits in the same size cutout (New!)
  • 3U high - 19 general purpose slots  
Orbit 60
System Interface Module (SIM): 

The System Interface Module (SIM) serves as the external communication interface for the system. A single SIM is required for a system, whether it is just one chassis or if the system bridges across multiple chassis. The System Interface Module is the access point for configuring and maintaining the system

Protection Processing Module (PPM):

The Protection Processing Module (PPM) serves as the computational engine for the protection system, extracting all machinery measurements for the protection system and alarm determinations. The module supports state-based alarming. 

Condition Monitoring Module (CMM)

The CMM is the data acquisition and storage module for the system. It is a specialized computational engine designed to support communication between System 1 Condition Monitoring software and Orbit 60 Series modules. 

Orbit 60 System Interface Module, bently nevada condition monitoring solutions, machinery protection system, machine health monitoring

Communication Gateway (Pictured) - Modbus (Serial or Ethernet) or EGD (Ethernet)

Through the Communication Gateway module, the system can acquire process data from external control systems, human interfaces, and historians. 

This module also provides information to external hosts, using standard industrial protocols. The CGW is designed to be used as part of a protection loop, with SIL certification. 


The base-to-base Bridge module interconnects multiple chassis to make a system..  Bridge connectivity enables distributed system deployments. in linear or star topology. 

Each Bridge communicates all data in the local chassis, to the remote Bridge where data is relayed to the remote chassis.  In this way, all data within the system is communicated to all devices in the system. 

Input Modules
Power Interface Module (PIM):

Each Orbit 60 Series chassis supports two redundant 24Vdc power input modules. When both supplies are provided, failure of one power source does not affect the operation of the system.

Transducer Input Modules:
  • Negative Dynamic Input (PAV) / (Prox, Accel, Velom)
  • Negative Dynamic Input (PAS) / (Prox, Accel, Seismic)
  • Negative Dynamic Input (PAA) / (Prox, Accel, Aero)
  • Positive Dynamic Input (PVT)
  • High Speed Keyphasor
  • RTD/TC Temperature
  • Isolated TC Temperature (Planned release 2025)
  • Isolated Discrete Input (Planned release 2025)
  • Isolated Process Variable (Planned release 2025)

For complete list of all supported transducer & measurement types, see product datasheet*

Output Modules & Displays

Recorder Outputs (4-20mA, 1-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc) (New!):

The Recorder Output module is a 8-channel instrument that accepts processed input signals from available input modules over the communication bus. 

Relays (Electro-Mechanical Relay or Solid State Relay):

Relay modules provide a set of relays that can be programmed to actuate based on alarm conditions defined in other modules.  They are programmable with standard logic elements to combine various alarms and statuses into relay activation conditions.

External Display:

An external display connects to the System Interface Module (SIM) to display Orbit 60 Series Config software, showing system information such as:

  • System event list
  • Alarm event list
  • All module and channel data
  • Alarm and OK status
  • Nine custom display options 

Use either a 10" and 15"  VGA touch screen displays. Many compact, durable displays are designed for excellent viewing quality in industrial applications. Various 10"  displays are certified for hazardous environments. Each display requires a separate power supply. 

Configuration Software
Multiple Systems Configuration: 

The configuration application used for Orbit 60 Series enables you to connect to multiple systems from a single client session, opening multiple offline configuration files alongside active connected systems to allow for easy cross-referencing across systems.

Graphical System and Relay Configuration:

Create and manage multiple pages of relay logic by graphically configuring, one channel per page, with drag and drop elements and connectors. Your system can also be graphically assembled by dragging and dropping components from a library of modules.

Current Values and Loop Check: 

View current value data across all channels within a system. Loop checks can be performed via bar graphs, tabular lists, and live plots for dynamic data, from channels throughout the system.

Bently Nevada System 1 Software
Easy Integration to Bently Nevada's Industry Leading Condition Monitoring Software:

Take full advantage of the System 1 Condition Monitoring Software by using the Orbit 60 Series CMM module, which contains a data diode to provide a cyber secure approach for obtaining data through the business network or other systems. With the Comms Gateway Module, Modbus data and requests can be sent and received from control systems, then relayed to System 1. 

Orbit 60

Bently Nevada has 5 engineering whitepapers on the following topics:

Orbit 60 Series or 3500 Detailed Comparison - This document details the difference between Bently Nevada’s Orbit 60 Series machinery protection system and the 3500 system.

Orbit 60 Data Security Condition Monitoring Module - This document is intended to describe how the Condition Monitoring Module in the Orbit 60 Series Monitoring System provides a secure solution with full high-resolution data to external networks without jeopardizing the operation of the protection functions.

Orbit 60 Series Protection Schemes - This document gives recommendations on how an Orbit 60 Series system deployment meets customer asset protection requirements 

Orbit 60 Series Cybersecurity and IEC 62443 - This is the first in a 6-part series of articles dealing specifically with cybersecurity in the Bently Nevada Orbit 60 platform and its relationship to the ISA1 /IEC 62443 family of technical specifications, technical reports, and standards.

Orbit 60 Series 3500 Retrofit - This document provides general recommendations when replacing an existing Bently Nevada 3500 monitoring system with an Orbit 60 system, where existing 3500 systems are 19-inch EIA rack mount, panel mount, and bulkhead mount installations. 

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