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If you do not have an email client installed on your computer cut and paste the address into the email client you are using. When your email is received it will automatically open a support ticket and notify you that one has been opened. PHONE: By telephone at one of the Technical Support numbers listed below. For non-urgent situations please contact us by email. North America(USA)  Phone: 775 - 215 -1818 or 1-800-488-1915 Asia (Australia) Phone: 61-2-80318144 Asia (Japan) Phone: 813-5767-9779

Asia (Malaysia) Phone: 60-3-62074379 Asia (New Zealand) Phone: 64-99123668 Asia (Taiwan) Phone: 886-2-26568437 Asia (South Korea) Phone: 82-2-3483-7402 Asia (Singapore) Phone: 65-66221623 MEA Region( U.A.E.) Phone: 971-2-699-7119 MEA Region (Saudi Arabia) Phone: 966-13-806-5270

Latin America (Brazil) Phone: 55-11-39580098 Latin America (Mexico) Phone: 52-334-6241875 Europe (France) Phone: 33-2-72-249901 Europe (Germany) Phone: 49-069-40125-1840 Europe (Ireland) Phone: 353-1-6530825

Europe (U.K.) Phone: 44-800-808-5280

Europe (Austria) Phone: 43-800-281030

Europe (Italy) Phone: 39-06-98350677

Europe(Netherlands) Phone: 31-10-7988798

Europe (Norway) Phone: 47-21-033720

Europe (Spain) Phone: 34-917918445